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Starship Troopers sequel


Beyond the rim
Saw where they are going to make a sequel to Starship Troopers. No real info in the Scifiwire clip. Anyone have more?
The first Starship Troopers movie was so badly done I enjoyed watching it and tearing it to pieces as I did. The tactics were so stupid it was really laughable because you could see the writers/director didn't have the slightest idea about how, or what it takes, to fight a war. About the only thing that actually came from the Book was Rico's name.
The movie wasnt about accuracy and how to fight a war. Come on, it was about giant bugs. It was a satire or sorts.
I liked the movie. It was dumb, but I found it dumb in a funny sort of way. Like Recoil said, it was a satire. Granted, I have never read the book so I can't speak to the point of the differences or similarities of the two. If the sequel is any bit as funny as the original, I'll be happy to see it. Sequels do have a tendency to suck though, so who knows?
True. It was satire but I got the feeling the cast didn't know that and tried to play it straight.
True. It was satire but I got the feeling the cast didn't know that and tried to play it straight.

Um, yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you here.

I felt the actors knew it was supposed to be a satire. They 'overacted' so much in that movie.

"The only good bug is a dead bug!"
I read Starship Troopers the first time when it came out in 1959, and loved it. IMO it was the best book Robert Heinlein wrote and everything after went down hill. Anyway, the movie was nothing like the book.

Agree the movie was so dumb it was entertaining. And I'll likely watch the sequel when it comes out.
I love Clancy Brown. He's great in all his roles. One of my favorite roles of his was Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption.
True. It was satire but I got the feeling the cast didn't know that and tried to play it straight.
Don't knock it. Some of the best Marx Brothers movies were made with Margaret Dumont (sp?) who never, ever had a clue as to what these crazy comedians were up to.

Another actress played the "heavy" in another MB movie. You could tell she was on the edge of laughing a lot.

It took an MB to really do well in that roll.

Clueless is sometimes preferred.
Starship Troopers is up there on my list of Worst Movies Ever. Of course, I saw it with an ex, so I might be prejudiced...
The actors totally knew what kind of movie it was. They hammed it up big time, which was sort of what the movie was about. There were some direct propaganda scenes in the movies that were as overdone as the acting in some places, which was the point. The commercial with the kids all wanting to touch the guys gun was a riot!
A sequel might be fun. I watched the first one for explosions and blowing up and all that fun stuff, and was not disappointed in the least. I especially liked the bugs that farted up into space to destroy the ships
The movie was pretty bad and goofy but I am still not adverse to watching it. While the movie had very little in common with the book the only thing I thought they made too goofy was having the soldiers use automatic rifles. I'm not saying they needed the personal tanks from the book but by not giving them at least shotguns they passed the 'so bad it's funny' zone and delved into the 'irksome area'.
I liked it. I thought it was pretty dumb, but I got the impression it was meant to be pretty dumb. Come on, the whole tone speaks of that.

What I'm more curious about is why they want to make a sequel to a film that lost so much money! That doesn't make sense. I think they're hoping its sort of cult-hit reputation will fool people.
Lost money? I was under the impression it broke even or made a little when it showed in theaters but did very well for the company when it hit TV.

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