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Current projects


Haven't seen the Rangers cast round here in a while. Does anyone have any info on their current projects? Aside from Alex Zahara in Jeremiah I'm pretty much ignorant of what the everyone else is doing.

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I was also wondering about this. It has to be hard for the actors to wait for Scifi and see if this is even going to be a series. It has been close to a year and still no word. Am still hoping no news is good news.


I haven't heard much about what the others besides Alex are doing. He was in the chatroom a few nights ago, but I did not think to ask him. If they are not busy, they are not making any money, which is bad, but if there is a series and the actors are free to return, than that would be good.

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Like most actors between TV spots and series, they are probably doing Live Thearter and Bartending gigs.

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It's network pilot season.

I would hope they at least have auditions lined up.

I thought Dylan Neal had a continuing part on some show (Dawson's Creek?), sorry but I don't watch it. Does anyone know?

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As far as I know...

Dylan Neal will appear somewhere in the Josh Hartnett film "40 Days and 40 Nights."

Enid-Raye Adams will appear as Shannon in "A Guy Thing," and as Susan Parker in the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries "Taken."

Alex Zahara, of course, is currently in the new JMS series Jeremiah playing Ezekiel.

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