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Widescreen Rangers

Fantastic--I really wanted to see it widescreen! Thanks, Joe DM Who Knows All!



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Just in case anyone was wondering, JMS recently posted this on the Compuserve "Straczynski's Works" section of the SF Media Forum:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>The Rangers movie was shot wide, and will be aired that way, yes.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>



Joseph DeMartino
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Thanks Joe, and THANKS JMS!


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Cool. I like widescreen. It works well on ER and Enterprise, making both shows look more cinematic, like you're watching a one-hour movie on TV (unfortunately, they also make me wish I had a bigger TV to get the full effect).

I think at least the pilot episode of Alias was also in widescreen. Is West Wing widescreen yet? I don't think I've noticed, but now that I think about it, the episode Isaac and Ishmael might have been.

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Yep, last week's WW was widescreen, so the odds are good for it remaining as such.

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I love WS. The choice to shoot enterprise in WS was a wise move...it makes it seem so much...better than Voyager. Just makes me wanna see LR that much more. JMS ROCKS.


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Widescreen is the Future of Television.

Say High Definition TV.

Already selling and on the air in many markets. Supposed to be Universal in just a few years.

IOW, every show that isn't already shooting wide screen soon will be.
Particularly those where the producers plan to get residuals from Syndication just a few years from now.
HMmmm. I suspect that would be All Of Them.

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