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Who's Been Around Longer?

Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

The Narns only drove the Centauri off Narn a relative short time before the series..I'd guess 20 years or so, a few years before ITB. Considering the world was still under seige when G'Kar was a kid.
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

G'Kar says in ItB after the Centauri turn the EA down when they ask for weapons that there were many Centauri weapons left behind on Narn when they were driven from his homeworld, and the Narns studied the technology.

I inferred from that the Narn's sell the EA Centauri weapons research, not actual weapons.
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

I also remember them saying that Narn was a peaceful agrarian world until the Centauri enslaved them for 100 years.
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

That's a story. Can anything be truly peaceful? Are the Narn so cranky because they didn't know what violence was until the Centauri came?

Oooh. Story.
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

Well I'm guessing the Narns had known it in the past - and some written about it. I mean, they did fight the Shadows off their world 1000 years prior and had all their Mind-Walkers exterminated (or most) for it. Sounds violent tome, heh.
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

It's ironic that the Narn turned out to be so hell bent on vengance. It's usually the most peaceful of people that have the greatest potential for violence. Maybe it's because of the lack of release or something to that effect. When certain people are squeezed then the effect can be catastrophic the Narns being a point in case!
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

Only by a couple of hundred years /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

Best info I have on younger race interstellar presence:

Gaim - since 2233 when they decided they would need a spacefleet after the Dilgar mass-drivered their homeworld a few years ealier (mostly in frustration because it's deadly atmosphere -and nasty Gaim slodier-drones- made conquering that planet too difficult for them...).

Narns - since they kicked the Centauri off their homeworld in 2209.

Hurr - since they started exploring nearby systems in the early 2200's...

Humans - since the Centauri gave the EA hyperspace tech in 2161.

Pak'ma'ra - since approximately 2100, when they had salvaged enough tech from "junk" the Centauri left behind when they abandoned their planet during the fall of their first republic in 2049...

Brakiri - since they reactivated their jumpgate in 2080, after the Centauri abandoned their planet during inter-house struggles 30 years earlier (they needed that time to salvage the leftover centauri tech and understand it enough to build up thier own spacecraft).

Vree - since they started their first interstellar mission in 1860.

Abbai - since they first cautiously ventured through their jumpgate in 1450.

Drazi - since they launched their first hyperspace probe through their jumpgate in 1395.

Hyach - since around 1350 or so...

Centauri - since they salvaged hyperspace tech fron a wreck they discovered crashed on their planet in 1325 or so...

Minbari - since they found their first jumpgate in 1085.

Yolu - since about 750BC.
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

The most interesting thing about that is that no one race really got to spaceflight on their own... well, maybe the Abbai... but that was even helped along by a jumpgate... very consistent with the B5 aesthetic of younger-race and elder-race!
Re: Who\'s Been Around Longer?

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
I inferred from that the Narn's sell the EA Centauri weapons research, not actual weapons.


Earth didn't need research, they needed guns they could point at the enemy today. I think the Narn were selling acutal weapons, based on Centauri tech but built in Narn factories. The Narn were, it seems from ItB, already well-known arms dealers, as they would remain for some time (see The Gathering, "Narns will sell to anyone".)

JMS has compared the Narn to abused children who grow up to become abusive themselves. The notion that they threw off the Centauri yoke is itself something of an exaggeration. The Centauri took Narn in the first place primarily because of its strategic position near several existing conquered worlds. It made a good supply and repair base, which is whey the Centauri built factories there. Another, secondary, reason was the G'Quon'Eth plant, which could only grow on Narn, and which the Centauri used to create a potent recreational drug.

As the Centauri grew decadent and too lazy to hold what their ancestors had conquered, they began abandoning the colonies that were more trouble than they were worth. This included several in the vicinity of Narn. They kept fighting the Narn themselves, mostly out of pride, but at certain point they realized that Narn was no longer in the middle of a cluster of colonies. It was the only colony left, and was now at the end of a long supply line, instead of being a transfer point for a more elaborate supply line serving other conquered worlds. They had also found a way to synthesize the G'Quon'Eth drug, albeit in a weaker form, because supplies had been greatly reduced during the Narn rebellion.

The Narn region of space was simply costing the Centauri more (in treasure as well as in blood) than it was worth, and they left. Had they not already abandoned the surrounding colonies, they probably would have fought harder and longer to keep Narn. The Narn resistance certainly played a part in all this, but they didn't single-handedly drive the Centauri off their planet. It was more like they pushed the Centauri out the front door while they were already putting on their collective coat. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

The Centauri commanders took everything portable with them, and destroyed whatever they could, but they left a fair amount behind when they skipped town. (In addition to all the weapons and data the Narn had simply captured in the course of the war itself.) But they didn't leave that much. The Narn were able to build spaceships with jump-engines, and learned to use jump-points, but those ships don't have artificial gravity and their weapons are probably somewhat inferior.



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