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Who bought the B5 magazine series?


Beyond the rim
I got them up to about Issue 2.7. Can anyone describe all the later covers for me - who was on them?

Wasn't it a good magazine though? Shame it ended.
Thanks so much for that.

It was a really good magazine, I thought - I recently went back over my old copies and re-read them, fun to look back on what was thought at the time.
aaah...i've been looking for these mags, but i think they weren't released here in the Philippines x.x! Speaking of magazines, i oh so regret throwing away my back issues of starlog!!! GRRRR...i had some starlog mags back then which had b5 on them, but since i wasn't a b5 fan back then, i threw them all away @.@!!! *cries*
You think that thats bad I had loads of B5 mags which I threw away a couple of years back on the insistance of my G/F to make room in one of my cuboards.

Irony is that last year she sat down and watched all five season of B5 and she was gutted that I threw them away.