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Who Are You?

Okay, the other day, I was re-watching "Comes the Inquisitor" and I got to the part where Sebastien asked Delenn "Who are you." Then, he said that it had to be something that was not provided for you, and all that other stuff. So, how would you answer that question? Here is what I came up with for me:

I am a child of two worlds: the real world, and a world of my own making.
I've tried to answer this question before, and it *is* a hard one. I can't really do it. Because I'm a journalist, my life is centered around the things that others do - the things they define.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
My response would probably go something like this ...

"I see no reason to answer that question to you. Who I am does not involve you just as who you are does not involve me. And I see no reason to answer that question to myself for by the time I do, it will be out of date or premature. I am who I am; I was who I was; I will be I will be. I am always changing, or at least I would hope to be, and thus never defined. As long as I am me, that's fine and I don't care who I am."

And probably followed by ...

"You know, at least the Shadows just kept asking the same question when they got answers they didn't like. They didn't torture us. Plus they didn't get all philosophical ... and you know, how can you say my philosphy is wrong? It's philosophy! Geeze, been with the Vorlons for nearly four centuries and you expect a straight response?!"

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Actually, there really is no good answer to that question. The point of that exercise (which is an actual pyschological game) is not to come up with a decent answer, but to peel away at the person to make the person stop escaping and really face themselves. In the end, the answer isn't something that can be put into words, because even then you're defining yourself not by your own terms.

Right now it's 1:30 am, so this probably came out as pure crap /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
Geez, it is starting to sound like a Babbleon thread now. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
I yam what I yam....and that's all dat I yam.
I am the Queen of the Gypsies...gyp gyp gyp gyp-gyp Gypsies!
I am a rock. I am an island.
"The One that will never be, because I am too lazy!"
Who are you?

A simple family man....

What do you want?

World peace of course....

Why are you here?

No place else I'd rather be....

Who do you serve and who do you trust?

I serve the Universe and trust myself....

And the secret LAST question...Got milk?

Why yes, yes I do....LOL

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