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Which other Stations do you watch?

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The possibility of advertising of B5:LR on other stations made me wonder; what other tv stations do people watch?

I wiil admit to watching the Open Univerity on BBC2.

Andrew Swallow
I watch TV only a little. I am a very specific target market.

I watch: TNN (for Star Trek), NBC (news only), CNN, Sci-Fi, and Comedy Central, primarily.

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My tastes are eclectic and I watch almost every channel once in a while, except for sports. I once figured out I had spent several thousand hours watching sports, either live or on tv, and after that I stopped watching. Nuff said.

Even though they're considered sort of a joke, I love FOX. They're funny because they have the best and worst programming on TV (IMO, of course).

Family Guy
X-Files (though not anymore)
Football (and the best coverage, too. They show lots of NFC games, which is good for me 'cause I'm a Giants fan; they have Madden and Summerall announcing, and the presentation is great.)

Temptaton Island
When Animals Attack Children (or some such)
Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire
basically, all their "reality" TV.

How can you not love such a schizophrenic network?

Other networks:
NBC- Conan O'Brien and football
ABC- Monday Night Football and Bill Maher
CBS- absolutely nothing
UPN- Star Trek
WB- Oh please

The end.

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I leap all over the place: History, A&E, Discovery, Learning, Fox News, TV Land, SciFi, HBO (Sopranos), Showtime (Stargate SG-1), when kids are in the house there's Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Channel -- of course, Fox Sports, Madison Square Garden, ESPN, as well as the major networks and PBS.

Like I said, all over the place.

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Michael Garibaldi
I'm watching CZTV1, NOVA, PRIMA, TV3 in my language; SAT1, PRO7, RTL2 in German, sometimes BBC news or CNN.

For prime time, I mostly watch NBC (West Wing, ER), Fox (Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Dark Angel), and ABC (The Practice, Whose Line Is It Anyway). I'm also going to give ABC's Alias and Fox's 24 a shot this fall, but with Dark Angel moving to Friday's I may not catch it often.

Now that UPN is getting Buffy, I probably won't watch WB at all anymore, plus I'll give UPN's Enterprise a shot.

As far as cable, I channel surf quite a bit and often land on Sci-Fi (B5), MTV (Real World, Road Rules), Comedy Central (Battlebots), Food Network (Emeril Live, Iron Chef), or a home improvement show on TLC or HGTV. Although it inevitably makes me feel like a loser couch potato, I also sometimes get sucked into behind-the-scenes celebrity/music shows on VH-1 or E!.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Survivor is the only thing I ever watch on CBS.

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I watch alot of SciFi shows:

SciFi Channel: Babylon 5, Farscape, Crusade, Space Above And Beyond, Outer Limits (sometimes), Earth Final Conflict, and First Wave.
Comedy Central: South Park, The Daily Show, and old Saturday Night reruns.
Fox: Dark Angel, Andromeda, and Titus.
TNT: Pretender, JAG, and Tour of Duty.
USA: Nash Bridges, and sometimes Walker Texas Ranger.
History Channel: Tales of the Gun

Most of these I only get the chance to see an ep here and there. However for B5, Farscape, Crusade, and Andromeda I don't think I've ever missed an episode.

I don't watch much TV because I work full time. That doesn't give a lot of time for TV. When I'm not watching tapes of Babylon 5 episodes, I will watch the local news and ABC News, Jeopardy, a few prime time network shows, and nature programs that are on PBS or the Discovery Channel. I also watch a little bit of the Scifi Channel and broadcasts of Cleveland professional sports teams (I am a big Browns and Indians fan).

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Varies...I watch History Channel mainly and I try to catch any show that's closed captioned on history channel and bitch about any show that's not. And I also bitch to my cable service provider about them not getting history international...

I watch PBS for the Irish Tenors and the antique shows and debate

CBS: I quit since DS9 went off the air but I watch some of the movies they show.

FOX: Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurerama, Malcolm in the Middle, etc. etc. but I hate the reality shows that FOX puts out.

WB: Can you say: TEENY BOPPER SHOWS!! I don't watch Mary Kate and Ashley sorry...I'm just one of many males waiting for them to turn 18.

ABC: I bust a gut every time I watch Whose Line is it Anyway and the Drew Carey show. I also win a million dollars every time I watch who wants to be a millionaire. Maybe I should go on.

USA: mainly the morning comedy shows are what I watch

SCI-FI: I can't get hooked on anything except a few tele-movies, B5 and Space: Above and Beyond.

Showtime: Some movies along with Stargate and the late nite erotica shows

VH1: Behind the Music is cool, and so is pop-up video when they show it and I like the top 10 countdown except I HATE the way the splice in interviews or the little comments during a music video. One of my pet peeves. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT DAMIT!!!!

NBC: HUH? oh the one with the annoying british cunt. I don't watch NBC. I hope not all brit women are like that. Maybe Antony knows, are they?

FOX News Channel: I like watching the debates

Lifetime: I am in touch with my feminine side thank you very much!!

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Fox for Futurama and Family Guy
Sci-Fi for Farscape and B5, Quantum Leap and ST: TOS once in a while
Whatever channel The Critic is on
Comedy Central for South Park

Thats it.

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