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what r u guys watching on scifi?


Every so often i will get up and watch B5 at 8am in the morning...but i have lost interest in seeing it for the 4th time.

and BUCK rogers was on..that was ummm...ok...but lamish ok..

does anyone watch DARKSHADOWS?? i can't get into that at all..

what about sentinal? thats ok every so often.

BUT number one right now is STARGATE! i really like the old mcGiver..i still crack up laughing when Sam Carter (forget her name) Says in an outtake that she is in a glacier with McGiver. Ya'll remember that?? and Daniel! i like daniel.
I don't watch TV anymore, except for notable exceptions, none of which are sci-fi. Occasionally, you'll find me parked in front of Style, rotting my brain and getting new ideas for when I go thrifting. I've also started to go through my old Jeremiah eps in preparation for next season.
The only thing I watch on sci fi is Stargate. However next month sci fi is finally going to put back on Roswell. They stopped it a few months back right in the middle of like season 2 or 3...bastards... :mad:
The Outer Limits, lots of it. Tivo tapes it every day... don't watch them all, but I dib in as I see fit.

Started taping Earth 2... but decided to skip that, as I don't have much time.
Absolutely Fabulous and the Simpsons, and occasionaly Blind Date, are the only shows I watch.
Stargate is the only new show worthwhile for me on Sci-fi. I watch B5 and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 occasionally.
Nothing IS hard to beat, especially for the SciFi Channel. I did finally watch River World on Saturday. I haven't read the books. I thought it had potential, and was intriguing. That's all I've watched on the SciFi Channel in many moons.
What do I watch on Sci-Fi channel?

Watching Shannon Doherty's "crowd pleasers" on Scare Tactics occasionally. Has anyone really seen pics of her lately? I swear that woman is smuggling midgets.
I usually only watch SG-1 these days. Sometimes Tremors, just for the hell of it. And if they air a movie that looks interesting, I watch it. Other than that, I stick with my gaming habit, or Cartoon Network. And USA for Monk and The Dead Zone. And my DVDs.
I don't watch anything on the Sci-Fi channel. The only thing I've ever really watched on it was B5 and the original Trek. My television is usually on either CNN, ESPN, the History Channel, or the Discovery Channel. The only show I even watch regularly is The Practice, and that may start sucking next season. :rolleyes:
I watch nothing on the SciFi Channel.

Good Question. ;)

Primarily the only thing on Sci-Fi that I watch is Stargate SG-1. Babylon 5 comes on too early for me, and I have them all on tape or DVD anyhow. Star Trek I watch on rare occasions, and on the odd chance a Battlestar Galactica episode is on, then I may watch that as well. But I also have those on tape.

I will be watching Stargate: Atlantis when it comes on Sci-Fi next year, but that's pretty much in the same category as SG-1 for me.

Rommie ;)
Bah. Everyone quite your bitchin. There is... wait for it...


Quality incarnate!
Hey I actually liked Seaquest the first season. But the second season just sucked. I remember they were trying to compete against ABC's Louis and Clark so Seaquest got a remodel...younger and fitter crew members..tighter uniforms for Stacy....mind you I didn't stop watching it though. ;)

I don't even watch B5 on Sci Fi any more just because it has been on for the last couple of years and I've watched it completely through twice. I do love Monk and The Dead Zone. Most of the time my set is tuned to TechTV on satellite..awsome channel..except for Robot Wars.

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