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What if...


I had no idea where to put this post, so maybe Antony could help me out if this isn't the right forum.

In "In the Begining" Lenonn was talking to the Grey Council about the current state of the Anla-Shok. He said they were all old men, now, tired of waiting and being ridiculed. That immedietly perked my interest.

What if the recrutement was slow and pain staking? What if teaching every ranger cadet was a grueling task? Then who'd be running around the galaxy?

A bunch of tired old men.

This would be an intriguing thing to see. A group of ancient Minbari working as couriers and warriors. Kicking young guys asses in bars, wielding their fighting pikes around like they were Samurai swords.

It's been established since season 2 of B5 that young people were populating the ranks like bees in a honey comb, so it's understandable that the cast of the Rangers is composed of youngsters.

I don't know, I think that would be a cool look. Legend of the Rangers would definitely have a different feel to it, but I think it would be a good one. Like an old western or Samurai film.

What do you think? Am I sniffing glue, or got a good point?

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In CITY OF SORROWS, Durhan mops the floor with Sinclairs butt.

I am just envisioning Alec Guinness in Minbari Makeup, whacking some aliens arm off with his pike...

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Quite so. Elder Minbari invariably seem to command respect - Durhan, Turval, Draal, Jenimer, I suspect even Neroon may be older than he looks. By contrast, younger Minbari always seem to come across as a little naive - Lennier, Tannier, Rastenn and Rathenn spring to mind

I think that it's our society that totally turns us off to the idea of old guys running around kicking ass. We, who hate aging and enjoy sticking our grandparents and parents in nursing homes. We don't have respect for age anymore, methinks.

But that's not what this post is about. It would, honestly, be the older people in the Rangers who would kick the younger people's butts. It's always that way. They know more. They've been around the block more.


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I loved Sech Turval in Learning Curve and the City of Sorrows. It would be a treat to see more of him, if possible.

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I agree.

The inclussion of older actors as Minbari Rangers would add much to the series.

So often Sci-Fi television seems to favour the young, and the breast implanted

Even if only one 'sage' were on board the Liandra, I believe it would add much, as well as offer something to actors over 40 or 50 who often have a difficult time getting cast as anything moderately interesting.

I would continue... but Alec Guiness keeps brandishing a Minbari pike in my minds eye! Thanks to the person who posted that above... I think that image will amuse me all day!

JMS, if you lurk here, throw someone into Legend of the Rangers who will remind us of Lennon or Duhkat!

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It is almost always the elders who teach the young in a structured society such as the Minbari. I too would enjoy seeing an elder statesman on board the Liandra. However I would prefer to see him or her dispensing wisdom rather than kicking butt.

Speaking of which, there were no females in Learning Curve, I believe yet we did see female rangers on other occasions when there were a group of them.

WoW how spooky I had a dream that I had replyed to this thread weird.

To me the reason why there arn't so many olf Rangers is because before the Minbari knew the shadows where back allot of them didn't beleive they needed the rangers and there weren't many rangers.

When Sinclair oppened the ranks to others and got the rangers working together and learning/training most people who joined the rangers were young and from those young people they woudla had to fill out the ranger ranks.

So you have a young digraced Captain in B5LR.

I'm off to continue mumbling now.


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