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USA dropping Sci Fi


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I've heard that the USA Network is considering or already planning to drop Sci Fi, I imagine this would not be good for a possible Rangers series, and could even be an explanation for why Sci Fi hasn't picked it up as a series yet. In my opinion this would be cruel and tragic, giving us once again a taste of the B5 universe only to take it away again. I was wondering if anyone was heard anything regarding this, and if so, what we should to do make sure this doesn't happen?

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It's not true. The president of USA recently quit his job, and they aren't planning to replace him. That's all.

And do you really think SciFi would commission two more seasons of Farscape knowing that their channel might be in the can?

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The rumor seems to be on the moderated group's website, too.

I hope it is just a rumor.

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Take everything you hear with a grain of salt until you hear it from the horse's mouth.

I agree - knowing that their channel was even in danger, Sci-Fi wouldn't have commissioned two new seasons of Farscape.

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I heard this at Syfy Portal, and I'm well aware that it's only a rumor. In fact, I pray that it is only a rumor. Good to hear about farscape though. Although I know they cancelled Invisible man and one other show. Let's just keep Sci Fi's well being in our thoughts and prayers.

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This is news to me. I hadn't heard anything about this till now.

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I really hope this is just a rumor, because that's about the only channel I watch now.

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ehhhh.....trust no one...when channel 44 goes black I'll believe you.

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Even if USA were not affiliated with Sci-Fi anymore. Wouldn't you think it would be popular enough to be sustainable on it's own? I think it's become it's own entity after all these years, don't you?


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You forgot to add the 'puple monkey dishwasher' part.

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