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Trailer Shown At Conventions


Off the official site -

"The Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers trailer will be shown at the following conventions:
- United Fan Con, Nov 9-11, Cromwell, Conn.
- ArmadilloCon, Nov 16-18, Cedar Park, Texas
- EveCon, Dec 28-30, Fort Washington, Md.
- Arisia, Jan 18-19, Cambridge, Mass.
- Confusion, Jan 18-20, Ann Arbor, Mich."

There will be more conventions on the list but so far these are the only five. I'll let y'all know if I find out more.

If you plan on going to any of these conventions, do be sure to report back to us!

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Will Sci-Fi be setting up a tv so that fans can watch B5LR on the 19th January at the convensions?

This would also allow the executives to observe the fans.

Andrew Swallow
Very good idea, perhaps we should write to Sci-Fi and suggest that? I don't live in the states but anyone who is planning to go to the later cons might want to pass on the suggestion.

I'd expect the Conventions to set up the TVs whether SciFi does anything or not.

Having been involved in oranizing a convention or two, I can tell you, concoms are Fans too.
We did exactly that for several shows that WE wanted to watch that happened to be on During our Cons.
Besides, we knew that 90% of our attendance would be in their hotel rooms during the shows if we didn't set something up.
So, we moved Video into the Main programming room and watched together.

Now, if SciFi wants to make Friends, they might just decide to show up at those Cons with goodies.

But I'd bet on the ConComs already having Rangers penciled in on the schedule, no matter what.

The good thing is that, so long as they are showing the signal from Cable (or Satellite), it is perfectly Legal.
Showing Tapes is a Grey area that both Warner & SciFi might be a little sensitive about.
That's why JMS no longer shows complete episodes when he attends Conventions.
Somebody objected the last time he did a Sneak Preview of a Babylon 5 episode for a Con and he was told (by Warner's lawyers) not to do it any more.
So, he shows Incomplete Episodes.

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