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TMoS casting guessing game

I have had problems with that board on an occasional basis, so am not surprised it is down. Most server maintenance is done on weekends.
Ah..."And so it begins"...again. The argumentative speculations as to the storyline for TMoS. I'm in agreement here with rangerPhil. We really have no idea as to the plotline for this, and JMS is a master of the red herring. It is truly a Vorlon style mystery that will only be revealed when we jump from the balcony in a collective move to jump JMS, throttle him and scream, "Why can't you just speak like a normal person!" :D :LOL:

I've run the gamut of thoughts and ideas on this subject, and some of you can testify to that effect (especially those who recall the outright civil war between those who agreed with me and those who agreed with JDM back in January when the Great Maker spoke his first words in months and uttered the acronym "TMoS."

Since that time, I've watched S5 again and done my research and can now fully agree with JDM that there's a very big chance that we're getting a TW film. I now also can see a lot more potential for such a story than I could back then, since I had blanked on certain things said and done during S5.

IMHO this film could well be either a TW film or a DW film. I truly believe both are viable. Or JMS could throw us all off and go in a totally different direction all together. For all we know, he's going to delve into what he was setting up and planning for LoTR and we'll meet The Hand. (Remember, we have no idea who they really were or what they were about, but since JMS has the B5 universe mapped out in detail 1000 yrs in either direction, we know he did know what The Hand was and how they fit into the world of B5.)

I've said it before and now I'll say it again...if JMS and WB are smart, they're planning at the least a one-off film that, while it may conclude in a satisfactory manner, will clearly set-up the potential for two more films to make a trilogy. In that vein, a TW film would work. It could stand alone, but still set up and hint at other, bigger events yet to come (think S1 and how much arc material was being dished out and we didn't realize it until S2). Those events to come could well be the CRUSADE arc (which was also a part of the Drakh War), The Hand, or the Drakh War in full. We don't know the full details of the TW...who was involved exactly and how. It could well be intricately tied into the events that were to follow. One must ask oneself why the Drakh took 5 years to launch the attack on Earth? What finally prompted the attack and what else might Earth have done to provoke it in the Drakh's eyes. If there was anyone they would want to get to it would be Sheridan, Delenn, and the Minbari...why Earth? Could it have had something to do with the Shadows and their relationship with Psi-Corps? Could that then start a chain reaction of events that forever tied the destiny of telepaths to the Drakh?

Did The Hand have something to do with these events and the Drakh themselves?

And finally, could all of these events become a part of the larger picture that eventually led up to the full Drakh War and the fall of Londo, G'kar, and Centauri Prime? In theory, and clearly in my mind it's possible. And we're talking about JMS here who's imagination is fully capable and usually more than willing to tie such intricate webs together in ways he's never revealed. I mean, who saw Sinclair as Valen coming early on?

Thus, a TW first film could stand alone while setting up future events and intrigue. Then if it does as well as I hope and dream, JMS and WB have a whole sequence of events, spawned from the first film, that could conceivably tell an even larger tale and in the end be as epic as LOTR.

Oh, and for whoever said there were only two battles basically in the Drakh War. You're basing that statement on the things we've been allowed to see only. The Drakh conflict went on for almost 16 years...we don't fully know every battle, every conflict, every event. The Centauri books tell a good part of it, yes...but only from the perspective of Vir and Londo. What was going on everywhere else? We didn't actually see the events involving David Sheridan, we were told about them. Personally, I'd love to see them, and see the full, epic, all perspective view, realized on the big screen of what all happened. I want to see with my eyes the full build-up to Londo and G'Kar's deaths and see that event play out in full...knowing I'll be in tears the entire time. I want to see Vir ascend to the throne and see with my eyes that all will be ok.

There is still much to tell and those who think there isn't, either aren't paying very good attention to the detail, or have no faith in JMS.

"I see a [great story] reaching out of the stars!" Epic in scope and character, and as moving as the B5 series, itself.

JMS himself has spoken of the threads that tie events together. Do you not see how one event, the TW, could set into motion the events that followed? And thus, launch the potential for a trilogy? I clearly see it, but then I'm a storyteller, so I not only can see all of the possibilities, but tend to strive to do so. I pick apart the hints and moments and in my mind allow them to go in every direction possible to find the best and most exciting stories available that make sense and build upon what has come before while maintaining full respect and continuity.

As for pulling new butts into the seats, the TW has that potential and can still inform new audiences of prior events much easier. This story cannot and will not be set during the run of the series. If the film(s) are good enough, they alone will make people want to get the series DVD's to find out and see for themselves the full backstory that sounds and looks so cool when spoken of in the film(s).

Not to mention, I can see a massive ad campaign and marketing blitz. Any less simply will not suffice.

That is all for now...carry on. :D


I re-quote myself above for the simple and plain purpose of reminding all of the many possibilities for this film and others to follow it. A TW film is a great place to start, but does not in and off itself preclude tieing that story into a much larger tapestry which could well lead up to and include the Drakh War, the events of CRUSADE, The Hand, etc.; even ending possibly Vir taking the throne of the Centauri Republic and re-joining the IA.

Don't limit thoughts, hopes, and speculations to one tale or one portion of the B5 universe, because I can gaurantee you that JMS isn't.

Sorry for the double post here, but if you recall the comment I made in this forum previously that it's up to us, the fans, now to spread the word, well, I've posted a poll over at www.sg1archive.com about B5. Everyone head over there, join up and post a positive response to the the poll.

It's in the off-topic discussion and called "Babylon 5 poll, What do you think of B5 and the new film".

There are some wishy washy types there who aren't convinced and some who haven't seen it really. If such a poll were overwhelmingly positive for B5 (and there are some fans there who've voted positively) we might be able to convince some SG-1 fans to take a first (or even second) look at B5.

Help us out!

Personally, I think the new project (film?) could be about almost anything in the B5 universe. I'm sure jms could give a 5-10 minute "history" of B5 at the beginning of the movie, kinda just like LOTR: FOTR had, where the history of the rings, Isildur, Elrond, et al, was shown at the beginning of that film. No problem. ;)
And if it's about the Shadows and their memory, perhaps we'll see stuff like how their organic tech works. If so, maybe the Technomages will be involved. ;)

(Those of you that have read the Technomage trilogy will probably guess at what I'm hinting at. :cool: )

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