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Thomas Covenant Movie(s)

If they do it right, it'll be a rather dark movie, but the potential for them to mess this up is pretty darn good. :)
I love these books, but I think i'd prefer to keep them as books. Ditto for George RR Martin's Fire and Ice Cycle, which i've not heard rumors about but am expecting to any day.

Its obvious that after Lord of the rings, studios want to do fantasy again, as long as they learn from Peter Jackson, don't mess with it!!
My fears for a movie (or movie series) are that the rape of Lena, is critical to the entire plot, and growth of the Unbeliever. If they gloss over the rape, or skip it entirely, the subject matter becomes massively watered down. Additionally, most of the growth of Thomas Covenant is all in his head, will that be able to be displayed on screen properly, and keep an unfamiliar audience interested?

Anyone reading or finished reading the 1st book in the Final Chronicles (Runes of the Earth) that was just released in October? I'm about 1/3 of the way done, and it's really getting ready to be mind blowing.
There are new Thomas Covenant books? *runs to the store*

I didn't read the news above, but all of the coverage I've seen uses the word "ill" or "sick" to describe how Thomas Covenant is. In the book, he's a leper, which is also crucial to how he sees himself. I hope they actually make him a leper and not "feverish" or something.

'Cause if they don't, I'm not wasting my money. I love the Covenant series and don't want it ruined in my head.
Hi Channe,

Yea, book 1 came out in late October, it's called, "The Final Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Runes of the Earth". It's set about 10 years after the end of the Second Chronicles and Linden Avery is the focal point (Since obviously Thomas Covenant wasn't in any condition at the end of the second chronicles). I believe this set will be a 4 book series. Unfortunately, I believe book 2 is not meant to be released until 2007. Book 1 is about 513 pages (US) and has the smaller font, so, that makes it even more than 513 pages if it were the bigger font. I'm on about page 210, and things are really taking shape.
Finished the First of the last books. Buwhahaha what an ending !. As for the movies... well i can't see it being done decently with out at least an M or MA rating. I doubt it would need to go all the way to R but the Chronicals are all very dark & would need some bloody amazing actors to pull it off.
Well, just look at Phantom of the Opera. He went from being something utterly hideous to being played by Gerard Butler (of Atila fame, you can also catch him in Tomb Raider 2.) Sadly, I don't think Hollywood "suits" get it. It's like someone rolled them out of the cabbage patch and stuck em in an office.

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