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Things left unsaid



Did anyone go to the Showtime site? Notice that nice big picture which is supposed to be "The Brothers of the Apocolypse"? They are all old people. Yea, things are going to be interesting all right. Now the trick is managing to pass the time until Friday. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
*bites nails*

This is not a plug for the newsletter, but if you do get it, go back to the last two issues (and this upcoming special edition this week). I did some work tracking down the detailed foreshadowing that JMS and the others have been using to point us towards the climax of "Things Left Unsaid."

Tim Truman signed THE ABYSS guestbook, and told us that it would knock our socks off - not in those words, of course, but everyone says it's just such a killer episode.

If JMS follows the Chekhov Gun Rule (show the gun in act one, use it in act three), then Things Left Unsaid will be very interesting, indeed.
Are both parts airing after eachother or both with a week difference in between?
Im glad there is a week in between. One more week left in suspense :)

God if this is like Chrysallis (or worse/better) and there is no second season of Jeremiah I'll strap myself with bombs and blow myself up in the Showtime center. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif

But there has to be a second season.. THERE HAS TO BE!!!
Yeah well i have a clue of how the season finale goes, and if there is a cliffhanger without a ending i will be MAJORLY pissed off :)

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Yeah well i have a clue of how the season finale goes, and if there is a cliffhanger without a ending i will be MAJORLY pissed off :)

In B5 there was always cliffhanger without ending. Main point to have cliffhanger is to keep story and tension up. It happened in every season of B5 (not counting season4 and 5) and will happen also here. I'm waiting something a'la Crusade final episode (script).

No I meant if this was a cliffhanger and Jeremiah wasnt renewed
Hmm. other adult survivors. I wonder if the have anything in commen with the happy folks from Heaven's Gate?
channe tonight is a big sci-fi night. You have Sci-Fi reairing The Dead Zone from the start, stargate, aryon returns on farscape, Odyssey 5 and part 1 of jeremiahs season finale. Its a HUGE night

I won't be watching any of it, since I'm going out with friends. I'm also moving this weekend, so I probably won't see "Things Left Unsaid" until Sunday or Monday at the earliest.

And then... I have a feeling that I want to do a "Channe Takes On..." for this one...
Yes, I think I am recording all of those shows. Thank god for shows that are repeated at other times. I record FS Friday at midnight and O5 on Sunday. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
LOL lyta. this is my tivo schedule even though i do watch the first 3 while they show

10-Odyssey 5
I finally saw Jeremaih for the first time on Friday nights airing of Things Left unsaid pt1 all I have to say it was great can't wait to see the ending.

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