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Thieves' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???


Thieves\' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???

Like many other viewers, I sat down on Monday night to watch the Jeremiah episode - Thieves' Honor, and what happens? Sky One, in their infinite wisdom decide that instead of the scheduled program, thar they will broadcast some crappy documentary about Michael Jackson

I've nothing against the guy - I've never met him and probably never will. Why the media makes such a big deal out of him is beyond me.

I don't watch much TV, so when I sit down to watch one of the only decent programs being shown, it really narks me off

Anyway, now I've had my little rant. Does anyone know if the scheduled episode will be aired next Monday instead, or has it just been skipped? I don't get Sky One Mix so I couldn't see the repeats
I hope they have just put the remainder of the series back a week, otherwise I will miss one
Re: Thieves\' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???

According to the listings on the PA website ( here) they are going to show it on Monday (they've used the UK spelling of Honour, though).

It certainly gave me a shock to find I'd taped some sycophantic drivel about old freak-face last week - bah!

BTW, Sky start showing Season 5 of Futurama at 7pm tomorrow (Sunday) if you're interested.
Re: Thieves\' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???

Ah, excellent - thanks. I hope that listing is correct
Re: Thieves\' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???

Can anyone clarify for me - did this actually happen?

I was sitting with my wife looking over both the official Jeremiah.tv episode guide and Lyta's and neither of us had any recollection of this episode.

I know we have each missed one ep so far, but in both cases the other one of us did see it, so it seems odd that we would have both missed this without realising it.

Am I just going bonkers?

Re: Thieves\' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???

Yes, it was shown the following Monday :) So it looks like you missed one there :(

On the subject, Sky One are really starting to irritate me now as they showed it at a different this week too. I set my vcr for 1am as my TV mag indicated. When I went to watch it last night, much to my dismay, I had recorded Voyager - ARGH :mad: I think it is repeated Friday night but I don't trust the magazine anymore, I need a more reliable source.
Re: Thieves\' Honor - will we see it in the UK ???

Theo? What an irritating character - they should have killed her when they had the chance ;)

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