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The Sins of the Fathers


I know nothing about Jeremiah but what has been posted here.

Nevertheless, when there are two biblically-named characters in one show, there's *usually* something up. So, I dragged out my Hebrew Scriptures, and looked it up:


Ezekiel was in the Babylonian Captivity around 600 B.C. He did not believe children should be responsible for the sins of their fathers. ("The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge." Ezekiel's job was to let the people know this, so the people could repent. He had a few visions, most notably one where he was carried to a valley of old, dry bones, and the bones were reaanimated, skin was put on them, and they became alive again. For the Hebrews, in Babylon, this was a sign that they would soon return to Israel. Ezekiel was prophet of armageddon: "Every creature that moves... all the people on the face of the earth will tremble..." etc., etc. Ezekiel predicted the Messiah's coming.


The Prophet of Doom. He risked his life to plead with the King to change the ways of the people, before it was too late - and, guess what? The Babylonians captured Jerusalem and Israel, and the Temple - the symbol, the center of Judaism - was destroyed. Jeremiah went to Babylon with the others. He was thrown into jail, etc., etc. He was not too much of a likable character. To this day, to go on a scathing denoucement is often called "to go on a jeremiad."

He also - and this is the most interesting thing - believed that the sons should not be responsible for the sins of the fathers.

We'll have to wait until March to see if this is incorporated anywhere.

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Great information and an interesting theory to think about. JMS seems to be fairly familiar with biblical themes and history so it wouldn't surprise me if he took those meanings into account.

I wonder if JMS created the character of Ezekiel or if it was Hermann's creation ...

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Well, if the plague that destroyed all adult life was due to germ warfare (as in the 70s series Survivors) or genetic engineering, or even the mutation of a resistant strain due to the increased use of medicines / pesticides / whatever, then the survivors (children at the time of the disaster) have already been visited with the sins of the fathers at the start of the story. Of course, whether or not that theme is continued is another matter. I suspect that it will be, but will have to wait some time longer than many of you, due to being in the UK


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