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The Multiverse: Book 3, The Civil Wars (Excript 1)



Hello all!
I thought you might enjoy some excripts from a continuing storyline we're writing in the Superspace Convivium's Multiverse. This is only the first installment, let me know if its too confusing, even with the back-story opening titles
Well, on the with show

(The following excripts are the property of the Superspace Convivium and may not be copied in any form without written permission from the Superspace Convivium GM and those writers who took part in the story Thank you.)

(Cue the dramatic music, roll the opening titles!)


The Multiverse has once again been plunged into war. With the framing of the Weirdonian Imperial Conglomerate's Fleet Legus, Degnomogh Vog'Stragho, the W.I.C. has been split into two factions, Degnomogh's Mutonian Empire against the corrupt W.I.C Senate and those forces still loyal to the Senate. But in this fight, Degnomogh's forces are the underdogs. Because of this, Degnomogh's ally, Kalishnar of the Kilrathi Empire, has come to Degnomogh's aid, against the Kilrathi Emperor's wishes.

For Degnomogh's forces to win their fight against the corrupt W.I.C. Senate, new alliances must be made. For this purpose, Degnomogh and Kalishnar have taken the third largest ship in existence, the Karga, into a new universe, with the forces of the corrupt W.I.C. closely in pursuit. Unbeknownst to them, this universe is also about to be plunged into bloody conflict…

(I know, Star Wars-ish, ain’t it?

(Originally Posted by “The Weirdonian”)

The Shanka Universe was on alert because of the troublesome holographic ships they had encountered recently, most notably a fake, holographic Karga. And then, the Karga came crashing through the Weirdonian wormhole into Shanka space, the real one this time. Accompanied by 4 Mutonian Imperial Cruisers and many fighters.

On the bridge of the Karga, Degnomogh and Kalishnar talk of their present situation...

Kalishnar: "Do you know anything about these Shanka? A communication frequency would be very helpful right about now."

Degnomogh: "Frequency? Heck, I don't even know if their technology is compatible with our frequencies."

Kalishnar: "Well then, we'll have to send out a transmission on all frequencies. This ship is strong, but its shields were heavily damaged by the Kilrathi forces in that battle, if we keep fighting them... I don't know how long we'll hold out. (he turns to his bridge crew) Tactical, shut down all our weapons. Communications, send a signal out on all frequencies, we don't mean them any harm, we simply seek refuge from our pursuers."

Degnomogh: "Put me through to what's left of the Mutonian ships that came with us."

Communications: "Channel Open."

Degnomogh: "Mutonian ships, stand down and slow to impulse."

As the Karga and the four Mutonian cruisers begin to stand down and slow down considerably, the Shanka begin receiving the message that they are peaceful on all frequencies.

Degnomogh: "Now all we can do is wait, and hope they don't decide to blow us up before at least talking to us first."

Kalishnar: "Indeed, my friend. If they decide to talk they'd better talk fast, our enemies are right behind us."

Degnomogh and Kalishnar wait, as the Gizmottron-17 commanded by the new W.I.C. Fleet Legus, Harolk Mezeaon with a whole fleet of MC warships grows ever closer...

(Originally posted by “Kaltor”)

Aboard Kaltae, the Shanka Flagship…

"Hold your fire", Kaltor orders the fleet of ships defending the Weirdonian Wormhole, "but be ready at my command".

Kaltae cut the channel to the fleet and opened a channel to the M.C. Traitor vessel "Karga". Kaltae knew what Kaltor wanted as she read his thoughts. Kaltae also showed Kaltor the battle damage of the
traitorous group.

"Vessel, Karga. You both have been declared traitors by your people and the Multiverse Confederacy. We are under orders to capture or destroy your vessels if need be. You may withdraw now, back into whatever hell you came, or you can surrender to us. But if you proceed further into Shanka space, I promise to give you all a proper funeral when we are finished. You have one minute to decide", Kaltor stated firmly.

Kaltae proceed to send the holo of Kaltor's statement
to the enemy vessels.

(Originally posted by “The Weirdonian”)

Kaltor's holo comes through on the bridge of the Karga.

Kalishnar: "Match that frequency and open a channel fast!"

Communications: "Yes sir... Channel Open."

On the Kaltae, a holo appears of Kalishnar and Degnomogh. Kalishnar is in traditional Kilrathi armor and Degnomogh in his Mutonian Imperial uniform, robes and cap-crown. Kalishnar is a large, muscular lion-like Kilrathi with a traditional well-groomed furry beard and distinct forehead ridges. Degnomogh is a tall Mutonian (a kind of reptilian), with green skin, a long tail and black hair on his head. They speak...


Kalishnar: "This is Kalishnar, commander of the Karga."

Degnomogh: "And I am Degnomogh, Emperor of the Mutonian Empire."

Kalishnar: "We have little time, so let us just say this. We are not guilty for the crimes they say we have done. I have taken the actions I think are necessary to save the M.C. from itself."

Degnomogh: "And I was framed by the W.I.C. Senate for a most hanus crime I did not commit. The M.C. has been infiltrated by corrupt politicians, and if we fail to stop it, then even the Shanka are in grave danger!"

Kalishnar: "Our enemies are almost here, if we must surrender to you then we will on one condition, that you grant us sanctuary. Otherwise, we will turn back and face almost certain death."

Degnomogh: "We await your decision."

To Be Continued...

(So, what do you think? Should I continue?)

The Superspace Convivium

GM of the Superspace Convivium
Creator of the Weirdonian Universe
I guess Silence = No. (sigh) It seems the Superspace Convivium is utterly doomed
I should've expected this, whatever I do to try and revive our beloved RPG fails miserably

I'll leave this excript up for a little while longer. If no one replies I'll just edit and erase it.

~GM of the flatlining Superspace Convivium

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No, keep it going. This thread just got buried.

The writer's life is not meant to be a happy one. We all accept that going in. -JMS
Ok, thanks again Channe
It's been tough being GM lately, feeling better now though
I'll probably post the next installment tomorrow then!

GM of the Superspace Convivium
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Don't lose hope yet, my friend! I have begun advertising to my friends and hopefully they will join soon! And, hopefully I can finally pick up where I left off in my universe...

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