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The Memory of Shadows spoiler policy?


What's the spoiler policy for a new project like this? I guess I'll have to read only 2-day-old threads to be sure that a moderator has screened it to check that there aren't any un-announced spoilers.
Spoilers=Ban :mad:

I still want to hang around for the about two years untill the premiere. :)
My suggestion: mention as spoiler, present in quotation, color like background. If only the color tag worked. The below text should be blue.

<font color="blue">Some text</font>
Can we have a separate forum for TMoS? As it stands now the post about TMoS are across several forums and threads.
Oh for simpler times when we used to have spoiler code...

I think a new forum would be a good idea at some point.
This must be some meaning of the word "spoiler," of which I am unaware. How can there be spoilers of something that doesn't yet exist? All we have is speculation. When there is a script, or shooting begins, then, if there are leaks, we could have spoilers. I think that when the film actually goes into production might be the time to give it its own forum.
I think a TMOS forum is agreat idea. And there will be leaks and spoilers, so getting a policy out sooner than later is probably a good thing.

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