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The Daily Show

In a way it is, in a way it isn't.

What's disturbing is how much some of us used to trust the nightly news to be informative and impartial.

God I was so naive. :rolleyes:
O'Reilly's abrasive, rude, and talks out of his ass, and when he's caught on something, "It's a joke."

Also he lies. And he's ugly. And probably has a small dick.

Can we have an O'Reilly bashing forum? I would buy Photoshop just for the occassion.

I am not seeking out the Daily Show. Thank goodness it's shown at a time for employed early-morning-wimps (i.e. 7 p.m. Pacific time at least in this half of the year for Arizona...)

It's repeated. Here in the east, the first broadcast of a new ep is 11pm. Then it's repeated @ 1am, then 7pm the next day. I'm sure you have something similar in your area.

It is distasteful to find anything funny in this show.

I find it distasteful to find comedy distasteful, but we've argued this point before. To me, either something is funny or it ain't. You don't find it funny- well, me neither. So I don't watch it. I don't see what the big deal is. Frankly, I don't find anything on Comedy Central funny except Daily Show and Tough Crowd (the latter only because I'm familiar with most of the comics that appear regularly)

It's disturbing when the viewers of a comedy satire show have a better understanding of politics then those that watch regular news.

If O'Reilly is regular news, I'm a Hugh Hefner.

Hyp, do mistrust the media 'cause it's so liberal? ;)

I'm thinking of joining audible.com and downloading the audio version of the Comedy Central book.
You beat me to the 'how is O'Reily regular news' question.

The audio wouldn't really do it justice since it is designed to be a textbook. Pictures, graphs, aside boxes and footnotes may not translate that well.
Hyp, do mistrust the media 'cause it's so liberal?
Yea. But of course. :rolleyes:

Side note to old Mighty: I'm jamming out to "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" right now.

Should I blame you or Markas for that one? :confused:
I again didn't catch the Daily show on Thursday. I really need to set my vcr. I'm watching the clip they had of the after-debate analysis bit that all channels do.


I was laughing so hard it hurt. And it scared and annoyed my cat. :LOL:

It's unbelieveable how funny this show is. :D
It's disturbing when the viewers of a comedy satire show have a better understanding of politics then those that watch regular news.

I would bet that a lot of Daily Show viewers are news junkies like me, who enjoy seeing the media skewered. The fact that the average Daily Show viewer is better informed than the average newspaper reader, or TV news watcher, doesn't mean that the Daily Show viewer doesn't get hard news, or gets most of their news from The Daily Show. And, how many newspaper readers mostly read the sports, and maybe the local, sections anyway?
Before the election, Stewart asked his audience to go out and vote and make the right choices so that his job would be difficult. He said he wanted to see the day when the only thing they had to make fun of was that Madonna was doing some Kabbalah thing again. :LOL:

I liked Samantha Bee's exit polling. "Hi sir, what's your full name and what did you buy at the porn store?"
My favorite Daily Show response to the election was Stewart saying "This might be your last night to go to the library, or have gay sex" to which Colbert, or someone, replied "I just killed two birds with one stone!" Since I work in a library, that one was particularly funny to me.