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The Daily Show


Warning: since The Daily Show covers news, there may be some political content here. Let's try to keep this about the show itself so that mods won't have to move it.

Ok, I freakin' love this show. Watch it every day. This past week, it was really great because they were in Boston for the Dem convention. Silly political nonsense like that is perfect fodder for them.

A couple of great moments:

John Edwards's speech: talking about family budgets being so tight that if something unfortunate happens, "You know what the first you lose is, right?"
Cut to Stewart: "Is it cable? Oh no, it's probably cable"
Back to Edwards: "Your dreams"
Stewart: "Oh, thank God, I thought it was a cable!"

Steve Correll pestering someone while listening to Kerry's speech, constantly asking him about the speech and not letting him listen.

Lewis Black (a favorite comic of mine) showing clips of the little girl ranting against Cheney (disgusting- children should not be used for political gain like that).

Stewart himself until recently has always tried to appear neutral, making fun of everything. And while he still slams Kerry, Edwards, etc, it's clear that he can't contain his dissappointment at Bush, especially with stuff like the 9/11 comission and the reasons for invading Iraq, because political lies are funny, and he loves pointing them out, like when Bush says, "I never said..." such and such and then he plays a clip where he said exactly that.

I also saw Stewart do stand-up last year- good stuff. Two memorable lines I will paraphrase:
"I don't think Bush is stupid. I think he thinks that ways about us. That's why he talks to us like we're children. 'Freedom is... good. Terrorism is bad.'"
"So what's the 'gay agenda'- they want to get married, join the boy scouts and march in a parade? What's the big deal- this isn't 'I Have a Dream,' people."

The way he ended the week was excellent: he said that Kerry outlined his vision for America and next month Bush will do his. "Watch both then.. turn off the TV. Think about and make up your mind. Don't listen to this guy. Or this guy. Definitely not this guy..." etc, while headshots of various TV pundits popped up on the screen.
I don't think I've ever seen the Daily Show. Perhaps I should check it out some night.

I assume it's on in the evenings.
Last week was an extremely funny week for an already funny show. I nearly died over the Kerry biography (John Kerry was born NOT George Bush) (in elementary school, already 6 foot 2 and craggy...).

Lest we forget the Democratic Convention, site of the killer polar bear attack.

Stewart's great. He really doesn't pick sides when it comes to comedy. He goes for the laugh pure and simple. I'm sure the next one will be just as brutal.
I've been watching the Daily Show for years. When Craig Kilborn left, I was afraid it would go down hill. How wrong I was! Stewart took a little while to find his legs, but he is great! I, too, love to see him show the little clips that put the lie to what the politicos and pundits say. His stature has increased to the point where he gets A-list guests that are hard for bigger TV fish to to bring in.

Hypatia, The Daily Show is on The Comedy Channel, Monday through Thursday. EST times are: First run, 11pm, repeats 1am, 10am, 7pm. I think there might be some more repeats on weekends, at least there used to be. Check it out, you won't be sorry! :D
Steve Correll pestering someone while listening to Kerry's speech, constantly asking him about the speech and not letting him listen.

That was Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell has left the show, unfortunately. I loved "Even Stevphen" segments.

I'm a fairly recent addict, but I too love this show. I think, though, the Daily Show is more about media criticism than political satire. Especially with that segment on the media coverage of Al Sharpton's rousing speech.

Check out this interview between Jon Stewart and Ted Koppel, where Jon basically toasts Ted and other news agencies for not doing their jobs. It's quite interesting.
I thought Stewart's toasting of the media for their treatment of Sharpton was brilliant. I can't call myself a Sharpton supporter, but I thought his speech, very pointedly aimed at answering GWB's questions presented in GWB's speech to the Urban League, was dynamite, and it was very well received at the convention. Still, he was roundly ridiculed, and cut off by most media outlets. As he pointed out in another thread, GKE didn't care for Sharpton's speech. By the way, GKE, the 'lie' Chris Matthews of Hardball was refering to as 'starting Sharpton's career,' was the Tawana Brawley case, which was over ten years ago. The lie was not Sharpton's, but Tawana's, and Sharpton's crime was believing her sad tale.

I also saw Koppel interview Stewart. Thanks for posting the transcript, I enjoyed reading it. The ending is amazing... it seems Ted is refusing to accept that he has the power to call BS, BS, when he hears it. Further, he seems angry at Stewart for calling him out on it, so angry that he ends the interview! I have heard that Koppel had agreed to be on The Daily Show, but canceled after that.

Certainly he does criticize the media, but he does lots of political satire, and I'd bet HE considers himself a political satirist.
Oops, I'm bad with names.

Well, Chris Matthews is a jackass, then. Sharpton had a career before Brawley. I bet if someone would take him to task for that comment, he would excuse it by saying, "I didn't say it was HIS lie, just A lie."
Because I love causing myself pain, I switched over to MSNBC sometimes during the convention, with his dumbass comments and Scarborough's limp-wristed attempts to lash out at Dems.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I am smarter than TV political pundits. Really, I mean it. And it's not because I'm smart, it's because they're a bunch of fucking retards.

Stewart's interview last night with a Texas GOP congressman was awesome. This guy was on the rapid response team at the DNC and Stewart took him to task for the spin they put on Kerry (his liberal "ranking," the 350 tax cuts, etc). Amazing how a comic can completely blindside a CONGRESSMAN with just simply logic and actual facts. It is hilarious and tragic to watch. Repeats air the next evening at 7 I think, so some of you folks can still catch it.
Yeah, I liked his interview with the Rep. from Texas too. Throughout it, I wanted him to ask the guy "What's a nice chicano guy like you doing, working with those blue-eyed devil neocons?" ;) :D "Blue-eyed devils" being a latino perjorative term applied to whites in general.
Before Stewart revealed he knew the answers to his own questions ("But which group was it that actually said he's the most liberal?") I was jumping up and down in my seat wanting to yell the answers. I was glad that he busted 'em out.

PS: Lots of Latinos vote Republican because they share similar social conservative views.
I often try to catch the reruns at 7 the next day.

I loved the congressman getting busted for not knowing what he was quoting. It was sad that a congressman whose job is to sell this stuff had no idea what he was selling. I think what reall doomed him was the 'I just wish Kerry would admit to the stuff we've made up' is what doomed him. Stewart even tried to give the guy a way out a couple of times but they were ignored.

I loved the wood cut pictures at the beginning of the convention shows. Each day was a different ending with "Celeberties who think they're helping but aren't".
I just saw this on the 7 o'clock repeat tonight.

People are required to sign a loyalty oath to attend one of his speeches. Worded: "I NAME herby support GWB for United States". That may not be exact but showing support for a man to be a country and using the love bug as a verb were part of it.
Yeah, just to clarify it, you should have put "[sic]" after the "herby" in the quote because that was actually on the paper.

Didn't watch the celeb interview- I only watch that part if it's someone I care about.
Yeah, just to clarify it, you should have put "[sic]" after the "herby" in the quote

That's true, you don't want people thinking that YOU can't spell! Do you think George wrote that himself? :LOL:

And I LOVE The Daily Show!! It's too funny!! I was a real Craig Kilborn fan, too! I used to love "Five Questions"!! :D
As a guest on the Daily Show?

You're kidding?

Sorry, do you mean as the subject of a "list" or something? :confused:
Awesome interview and episode in general. Though it sometimes looked as if Clinton were either meditating or reading off a prompter.