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Stargate: Atlantis (pilot) discussion


Did anyone watch this last night? I would say spoilers below, but since its the first episode it kinda stands to reason that the ONLY thing to talk about happened in that 1 episode so...

OK, I think the Atlantis part of it was interesting. I mean who doesn't think anything involving Atlantis would be cool right? I think its a good plot point for the story that they are sort of stuck there until they can find a power source to bring them home. A lot of things about the pilot and the show itself sort of annoyed me though.

1) Was I the only person upon seeing these "wraith" things that instantly thought "Morlock's" from H.G. Wells Time machine? It totally fit. Skin color. Sort of telepathic ability to take over their prey. And they go around hunting the weaker race, in this case the people of the village. Oh, and they eat people too.

2) I'm sure the context will turn out somewhat different, but watching the image of the "ancients" woman giving her little speech was vorlon-esque and how they discovered a "dark enemy". Sounds familiar. While I am sure its not gonna turn out to be order versus chaos, it is a familiar story.

3) I've got somewhat of an issue about how Stargate series throw around things being super old to make them sound cool. So this Atlantis city was 1,000,000 years or more old. And basically the ancients were humans, but with more advanced tech. And they sort of seeded the Earth (or was it they came from earth and seeded the pegasus galaxy)? Either way apparently the city survived for well, a million minus a few tenthousand years until they got attacked and returned to earth and these "ancients" lived among us telling us about atlantis, but obviously couldnt share their godly-hood so they just blended in and disappeared.

I just have in issue with something being that old and nothing really happening for that period of time.

4) I also think its B5-esque about how the "wraiths come around every few thousand years" and that the last great visit came 10,000 years ago. God DAMN that sounds familiar.

5) If these wraith people are 1,000,000 old as well, and apparently can live near forever, they haven't really became super-evolved either since we can get in and out of their bases without harm pretty easily. I realize many of them were sleeping, but still, can you say defense system? Shit at least the Vorlons for being millions of years old kept people away from their entire planet with ease...

I think the show could be cool. One thing B5 did well when dealing with million+ year old races who had tech so far ahead of us, was admitted we could NEVER beat them by arms alone, that the answer had to be reasoned which it was. I think Stargate is not that kind of show. I think it will be action oriented and they will be fighting these wraiths with weapons. I just HOPE TO GOD they dont go around with freakin machineguns shooting them down. A good story would be to use all the "ancients" tech in Atlantis to fight them. That at least would be cool.

But was I the only one that groaned when the Major guy shot down a wraith ship with his machinegun? YOU ARE FREAKIN A MILLION YEARS OLD and you havent been able to make a ship that can withstand an 18th century projectile weapon? *sigh*

I also was a bit annoyed at how these ancients disappeared back to earth and are apparently gone. One would think if their city was impenatrable they would have stuck around. Maybe in later seasons of this show some will appear though. It still just strikes me as odd though, that they were more advanced, but they were the first generation of humans and we are the second? I just think in a million years we would have genetically advanced a lot more than that...

Anyone else have thoughts? I think the series will be interesting, but the pilot seemed like a cross between Greek myth, and HG Wells novel, with some undertones of the Shadow War.
I really enjoyed the show. Yes, the energy eating creatures have been done before, but the whole ageing of the prey seems somewhat unique. If the Wraith had been an evolutionary step of humanity, I'd agree more with the Morlock comment.

I also was a bit annoyed at how these ancients disappeared back to earth and are apparently gone. One would think if their city was impenatrable they would have stuck around.
The way I think it went down was, they're stuck in their city, and really can't move around the Pegasis galaxy without being killed. Who wants to stay in an underwater city forever? Might as well go back to the home galaxy where they were dominant. Hopefully this part of the story will be further explained.

returned to earth and these "ancients" lived among us telling us about atlantis, but obviously couldnt share their godly-hood so they just blended in and disappeared.
Through SG-1, we've learned that many of the ancients died off, but the rest ascended. (Oma De Sala, and the "Other" glowing white beings.

You raised some good points to consider. :)

Great show, I can't wait until next friday! :D
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

I was not disappointed at all. The one thing I was worried about was that it would lack the wit and humor that is sprinkled in throughout SG-1, but the quality of the writing is still there--obviously needs some polishing, but for a first episode, a very good start.

I'm not sure I like the Wraith too much, but I'm betting they're not the only bad guys in the Pegasus galaxy.

I know Atlantis has to establish its own identity, but when SG-1 goes off the air--if not before--I hope we may still see the Asgard. I love those little guys. Since they can travel between galaxies, it would make sense that they could pop up in Pegasus too.

I like the fact that the Atlantis group is international and a combination of military and civilian. The lead female role did not come off as "bitchy"--a risk even the actress who plays her admitted to. I love the city of Atlantis itself. And, I like that they have a Scotsman in the group, but from what I can tell at SciFi.com and IMDB.com, it doesn't look like he's a series regular.

The best thing about the show is the story possibilities. What's in this new galaxy? Who are the bad guys? Who are the good guys? Is the planet they're on all ocean or does it have continents? Is anyone on that planet? What is the rest of the city like? Will they find a power source? If so, will they go back to Earth on occasion, and if so, will we a continue to see the Cheyenne Mountain gateroom every once in a while? How often, if at all, will SG-1 cast members guest star? And, in addition to the new concepts, they still have established SG-1 backstory to fall back on too.

Granted, I'm not sure they have or ever will explain how it is everyone in every galaxy can speak English (they don't have universal translators, do they?), but otherwise, the Stargate franchise is the mark of sci-fi quality on TV right now--until B5 comes back in some way, shape, or form, of course [hoping]. ;)
Overall, I thought it was only Ok. The characters were interesting, and the part on the city was cool. But everything about the Wraiths I thought was just awful. They weren’t scary, interesting, complex, and only vaguely threatening. Wow, they eat people! That’s original! They even managed to make their ships look boring.

Some interesting ideas however. I liked the gate in space and the puddle jumpers. And the special effects. :cool:

The thing that made SG-1 so much fun week after week were the characters. Its to early to say if the characters on this show will be as ammusing.

Replace the wraiths with the Gou'ld and and you've got a good pilot. But then you have a total rip off of SG-1. Maybe I should just stick to SG-1.
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

Well about the language bit, for the early episodes they had them talking diffrent languages then at some point they decided to have THem all speak english even groups they shouldn't even be able to speak it or were taken before it was invented. I attribute this to a mad GATE traveling ENGLISH Teacher.

Think you over reacting to the b5 comparisons, Honestly think more comparisons of say b5 mythos to the LOTR mythos than sg1 atlantis to b5.
Dunno about them being stuck I would hope it dosen't basicly last the entire show. Think it just waiting till sg1 finaly finishes so Atalantis isn't stepping on the toes of Sg1 or the other way around, so people don't go hey atanlantis came up with this great weapon against the wraiths why can't they use it against the Ghould or something else. Since if they keep it up then you start running into the star trek voyager conundrum of the shuttle pods and photon torpedos. How much bullets/personal/ food / power sorces did the atlantis team bring with them , how long will they last
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

I more or less just went with the flow and enjoyed it. Sure, there were some rough bits, but I can't think of too many things that started off flawlessly.

And it was weird with the Wraith. It was mentioned several times how hard they would be to kill, yet it seemed easy enough. Just shoot them a bunch, and don't let them latch onto another living being to do their little regeneration thinger. And as to them being the all-powerful race that can't seem to totally beat the little ol' humans, I think that was even jokingly brought up in that SG-1/Atlantis special. Of course, any episodic sci-fi show of this nature would, in my opinion, always be stocked with the usual advanced evil races that can be tricked time and time again, simply because... well... that just HAPPENS. Or something.

Also, it was nice to see Robert Patrick again. :cool:
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

Also, it was nice to see Robert Patrick again. :cool:
Too bad he is obviously not going to be a re-occuring character. I think he would have been damn good in the show and he would be more reason for me to watch it.
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

Well as to the wraith being killed off fairly easily, I would chalk that one up to surprise. They probably haven't met people as advanced as the Atlantis team is in quite a while. Now that they have encountered them, I'm sure that it will be a bit more difficult to kill them.
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

I liked Atlantis a lot. I liked the premise, the story, the technology.... I liked it a hell of a lot more than any other sci-fi show I've seen on tv lately, including SG-1.

But I also had a problem with the wraith. A race that old, that invulnerable and powerful enough to kick the Ancients' butt shouldn't have been such a pushover that a couple of dudes with machine guns could take care of. To be honest, I've had the same problem in the past with the Asgard and the replicators... they have the Asgard running for their lives for centuries, but a couple of humans with machine guns can stop them cold. C'mon, the Asgardians and the Ancients aren't smart enough to come up with gunpowder and lead bullets? I dunno, I guess you can use the excuse that the Wraith were caught off guard, but it still doesn't add up to me. Wraith technology really didn't look all that more advanced than Ancient, Asgardian or even Gu'ould technology, but I guess they'll get into more detail about how they defeated the Ancients.

On another note, I hope this series doesn't become another Voyager, where they're trying to get home for the whole duration of the series. I've never liked that premise to begin with, especially stretched over several years or more.
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

Recoil, I dunno if people are being kind by not mentioning it, but you typed "Stargate: Atlanta" in the subject line :D

I wish I had more time to write a review (maybe later), but suffice to say "Rising" was probably the best series premiere I've ever seen. I can't WAIT for Friday nights now!
Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

Recoil, I dunno if people are being kind by not mentioning it, but you typed "Stargate: Atlanta" in the subject line :D
Hahahaha! I didn't even realize I typed it that way, even after returning to it a few times. Guess no one else did either.

Re: Stargate: Atlanta (pilot) discussion

They will be able to go back to earth. Was it in... episode 7 or 8 they will figure it out. Anyway, I liked it, it was... very Stargate like... It had the feel of the good old SG-1 and it had this new and polished look in some way also. I was positively surprised. :D And the new gate looks cool.