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Star Wars Trailer, link here!

No way dude. George Lucas can't fuck that up. There's no time to ruin it with stupid plots and love story:

- Fall of the Republic, Empire rises.
- Defeat of the Confederacy. Battles.
- Kill the Jedi.
- Obi Wan vs. General
- Obi Wan vs. Anakin.
- Birth of Leia and Luke
- Death of Padme
- Anakin becomes Vader, suit gets built etc.

Just about everything we wanted. And there's no way Yoda is gonna do what they posted in theforce.net .

I jsut subscribed to Hyperspace anyways, even though i watched part of the trailer on TV yesterday. Pretty happy about it :)
I haven't been that great a fan of the prequels, but this looks like it's going to be the shit. I so want to see this movie. If only I could speed up the harvest or get teleported off this rock. Oh, wait...
I don't think so, sir. I'm only a droid and not very knowledgeable about such things. Not on this planet, anyways. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure which planet I'm on.

Seriously. The whole introduction of the V-dude is out of a bad B-movie and it looks desperately boring... but at least Hayden's hair is better.

Star Wars is about cheese; Vader's marching into the Tantive in ANH is totally cheesy but people liked cheese like that then and ignore it that it's cheesy now. :rolleyes:
Indeed. It's gonna kick ass. The trailer already kicks ass. I don't care what people say. Aww, it doesn't have Han Solo. Aww, it's digital and not the so realistic models and strings. Times change. You roll with it or you don't. Lucas does.

BTW Hayden is perfect. Sue me.
I wonder if Lucas' kids will be selling re-edited versions of Star Wars Episode 3 with Mickey the Mouse edited in as Darth Vader in 20 years time. :)

As always with the prequels, I'll wait till I can rent it on DVD. :)
And for me, as always with the prequels, I'll be there the day it opens (not the midnight showing the day it opens, but actually during the day ;) ).

:D :D :D
That's why i never take seriously people who laugh at the prequel trilogy. They say Lucas is childish, well guess what, you are. Replace Darth Vader with Mickey Mouse? Where does that come from? Every once in a while someone makes a good argument but most are cheap shots.

I doubt his kids will ever mess with their father's movies. He is a great guy who adopted them as a single father (or most, i think), kinda ungrateful for them to do that. Even though Lucas will maybe do it until he dies.
Sorry, Fas. I am just of the camp of "it is pitiful to see how he reworks his old works and makes shambles of it" group.

Enjoy his rewrites, he rewrites of the rewrites, and whatever he does. He is obviously good at it: he keeps making money. And that is the end he is looking for. :)
And that is the end he is looking for.

Yes, the man whose efforts created the THX standard used all over the place, who created Industrial Light And Magic, who created Lucasfilm, who created LucasArts, who created Skywalker Sound, and such has a buttload of money; everything he does is sponsored by endless greed so vast that he must be a Ferangi under physiological alterations.

It couldn't possibly be that he's the creator of the films and that they're his story and that the original end product NEVER reached the scope of his vision. And now that he possesses all the means he would have needed to make the films be what he invisioned originally in the first place he's going over them to try and get them to what his original desire was. Couldn't possibly be that he actually tells the truth when he says that that is why he's done it.
But is he the same person he was twenty years ago?

People change even when their lives don't change much it simply isn't reasonable to think George Lucas is the same person he was two decades or more ago. He's had kids, he's been surrounded by people heaping nothing but praise upon him, the obstacles that can often fuel creativity aren't there anymore. He's been right often enough when told one of his ideas is bad that when an actually bad idea comes along there is no one who can tell him so.

We can't know what his full vision was we can only judge by the work he puts out. Now if you think jokes about steping in poop, more cuddly characterization, and pidgeon english were things that couldn't be realized in the 70s and 80s fine but it doesn't mean the rest of us need to revel in losing the ability to view what many see as landmark works of art. Nor is he exempt from criticism on future works whether in part or in whole if what goes up on the screen fits a vision.

And yes, even the rich can be greedy, does Enron ring a bell? How else do you explain a basketball player facing a pay cut from 12 to 9 million dollars a year complaining about having to feed his kids?
I don't see how the existance of foaming at the mouth fans who vehemently hate the new films and eagerly jump at the opportunity to let everyone know would in any way not stand counter to his hiring people to work on his projects that share his vision easily. I seriously doubt that Lucas has become some crazy old wizard oblivious to how many people hate him and the story he's finishing telling.

Stepping in poop, cuddliness, and aliens who don't speak perfect English isn't part of what wasn't capable of being produced in the days of the old films, and none of those things were added to the old films when Lucas went back over them and put down another layer of paint. The three things you listed were present in ONE SINGLE FILM the purpose of which was to show a period of time that was "before the dark times, before the Empire." They were light-hearted elements added to TPM to provide contrast so that the fall of fist of the Emperor would actually have impact and not be just instantaneous evil.

People's losing the ability to view the films as works of art is a problem with the people doing the viewing, not the works of art themselves.

Yes, rich people can get greedy, but there's nothing to suggest that Lucas is like that. All there are are bitter people who like the old films because of where they were in their lives at the time they originally saw them who now possess no objectability to see the films for what they are and only can see the films for what they felt at the time they first saw them years ago.

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