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Star Wars: Episode VII?


Check out this RUMOUR .

I have to admit, even with the lackluster, not-quite-up-to-the-hype first trilogy, I'm curious to see what George Lucas has in mind for the end of the story. And since he's supposed to be involved in the next Indiana Jones movie, it's not as if he's not a franchise player. Even though this is only a rumour, I have heard before that the last three episodes might even be produced as animated features.

And depending on the timeframe of the story, I don't think the original cast could be ruled out either (Harrison Ford would be expensive, but it's not like they can't afford it). Sure, they're getting up there, but wookies and androids seem to age well.

The notion that Spielberg taking the helm also sounds promising; his moviemaking tends to be a little less maudlin than Lucas' has become. In any case, I still see the movies being made - even if I have grandchildren by then.
I'd like to think that Episodes VII-IX will happen some day, but I'm not counting on it. Anything's possible however. I still think it's too soon to even start thinking about the possiblities as I know Lucas has said he has other projects in mind after Episode III, and said he'd be an old (even older) man by that time.

I am intrigued by the thought of Spielberg possibly directing them if they do ever happen. I haven't the slightest idea what the storyline would be for any sequels. People have suggested the Timothy Zahn trilogy, which is probably single-handedly what resurrected the Star Wars franchise. I've read Zahn's books and liked them a lot, but I don't think Lucas would base them off of books already written as he'd want the story to be his.

As much as I like hearing rumors of this sort, I am forced to think of it simply as that: a rumor. Only time will tell.
I think the trilogy itself, as well as some of the loads of other books that are out there, are cannon, but his trilogy was never approved as Episodes VII-IX, if ever they were made.
I think the trilogy itself, as well as some of the loads of other books that are out there, are cannon.

Afraid not. Almost all the books are part of the "Expanded Universe" (ie, non-cannon).

As for the "sequel trilogy", this rumor has been around for a very long time. The fact of the matter is that George Lucas has publicly stated that there will be no further Star Wars movies after Ep3. This is strictly a 6-movie story; the story of Anakin Skywalker ending with his death in RotJ.
I doubt it...I would bet money that old george has a few scripts tucked away in case somebody tries to do his brainchild what people did to roddenberry's.
It would be nice to see more Star Wars movies, but alas I'm chalking this one up to internet rumor. I read the Zahn books when they first came out and loved them. I had heard that Lucas told writers that they could write anything in the Star Wars universe as long as it took place after Jedi. With that statement it makes me believe he doesn't have any plans for a third trilogy since he would want it to be entirely his creation and story.
Or he intends to de-canonize the EU. Which would royally suck, I'd sooner take the EU as canon.

Given the downward spiral in the quality of the Star Wars movies, I hope Episode 3 is the end. 'Cause AOTC was heartbreakingly bad.
This is by far better than any of the prequals.

you shitting me, right? :p :) pretty cool, i just needed to turn off that aweful sound from the movie and open duel of fates.

Nothing will ever top the Star Wars Kid, though.
I have yet to hear a single thing regarding Episodes VII, VIII, and IX -- except for a website which is doing a "virtual sequel trilogy," scripting out three movies, designing costumes, and in fact doing everything except actual filming. I'm skeptical.

As to "Expanded Universe" stuff -- or EU as it's called by the ubergeeks -- it's not cannon. The problem is that while the EU contains some excellent stuff, like the Stackpole and Zahn books, it also contains some absolute crap, such as "The Crystal Star." Also, by this time the EU is so full of internal inconsistencies and contradictions (who really stole the Death Star plans? We have about five candidates) that cannonizing the whole thing would be like cannonizing every B5 fanfic ever written.

I like some EU, but unless Lucas goes through the books and comics with a fine-toothed comb, strains out the worst junk, and keeps the rest, it shouldn't be cannonized.
I would bet money that old george has a few scripts tucked away in case somebody tries to do his brainchild what people did to roddenberry's

Having scripts lying around wouldn't make any difference whatsoever. Gene R. could have left complete scripts for 7 season's worth of four different sequel series and Paramount would not have been under any obligation to use a single one of them. They still could have assigned the projects to others - and did, even while Gene was still alive. Similarly Warner Bros. could decide to do B5 as a big screen comedy starring Mike Myers tomorrow and, as long as they asked JMS's opinion of the idea, there would be nothing anybody could do to stop them.

Lucas is in a different position, since he used his massive Star Wars profits (mostly derived from his piece of the toy revenue) to finance Empire and RotJ and also - if memory serves - to "buy back" the original Star Wars. (Or at least buy enough of an interest in it to prevent Fox from doing anything with the property.) He actually owns the films, along with all or most of the associated copyrights and trademarks. That's why the first three films aren't out on DVD nearly 7 years after the format arrived. Fox would kill to be able to issue them - Lucas won't let them.

Because Lucas and his company own the whole Star Wars universe, his estate will continue to control the properties after his death. As long as that is run by people who respect his wishes there is no danger of anyone doing anything he doesn't want done. (And he's probably made provisions in his will that make certain bequests contingent on people behaving themselves. :) That's a powerful motivation.) Scripts are beside the point.

Back in 1977 Lucas did speak in terms of a trilogy of trilogies, in which the first three would be the center section. He has since backed away from the that idea and in recent years has said emphatically that there will be no third trilogy extending the series beyond the fall of the Empire. Of course, he's said a lot of things over the years that he later changed his mind about. :) But given his age, the complexity of doing these films, the fact that he hardly needs the money and the generally poor reaction to the recent films, I think he's telling the truth this time.


Given the downward spiral in the quality of the Star Wars movies, I hope Episode 3 is the end. 'Cause AOTC was heartbreakingly bad.
Yeah, the true depth of badness which the romance in AOTC reached really dawned on me when I watched through Spaceballs (again) recently.

It occured to me that Mel Brooks, directly purposefully bad romance was BETTER than George Lucas struggling to produce real romance. When Harrison Ford wasn't at the helm to pull it off, I guess there's no hope for Lucas' ability to write/direct romance.

That said, I personally believe that the last 45 minutes of AOTC was some of the best SciFi I've ever seen.

Yeah, maybe you won't agree, but Lucas gave us what we've wanted for so long. A glimpse, using breath-taking visuals, at the possibilities for ground combat in the far future. (That and I thought Yoda made a great Field Marshall)
I also think that, with all the new epics out there, Star Wars is become less relavent. Of course the original trilogy will always be amongst the pantheon of cinematic greatness, but with series like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, X-Men, the Matrix, et al, which are just as visually pleasing and revolutionary visually, but also more attuned to modern movie-goers sensibilities, it's hard to imagine people caring as much about Star Wars as they used to.

But of course I'll go see any new Star Wars movies. :)
Yoda said "Difficult to see-always in motion is the future". Lucas has implied that he has no plans to go beyond episode VI, but that doesn't mean he'll never go there or that somebody else won't (with his or his estate's approval) Personally I think Kevin J. Anderson's Jedi Academy Trilogy would make very good episodes VII-IX or maybe condensed into just episode VII. It involves Luke's attempt to ressurect the Jedi as well as the development of Han and Leia as individuals, as a couple & as parents. Just my opinion. To all those who keep ranking on Anakin & Padme's awkward romance in episode II, I have to say-what was YOUR first time like? I think Lucas captured it beautifully.
Rumours of episodes VII - IX have been around as long as the Star Wars movies have. I remember reading that George Lucas was intending there to be 9 films one day way back when the original movies were current.

I remember distinctly because it answered the question I had had in my mind since seeing SW for the first time, namely "Why is this episode 4?".

I do think, however, that we can safely assume the remaining 3 will probably not be made just because of GL's age, future plans and the massive gap there was between episodes IV - VI and I - III.
I don't think it's safe to assume anything, where Lucas is concerned; it wasn't that long ago, nobody saw episodes I-III coming.
Really? I thought Lucas announced years and years ago he'd eventually get to the 1-3 movies. I even remember a cartoon strip about that. Bloom County. "Jedi Nights don't wait 20 years for a sequel" or something.
He had developed a backstory for the original movies at the time they were made, but whether or not he always intended to make eps 1-3 is open to debate.
I was taking about (I'm showing my age here) when the movies first came out, before the internet, all the fan clubs and EU novels and such, before any of us really knew where Lucas was going with this. Do we really know now? I think not. Lucas is a strange dude (in a good way though) and people usually don't know what he's gonna do until he says he's done it.

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