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Star Trek writers?


"We´ve brought back people like Harllan Ellison, Dorothy Fontana, David Gerald... and others who were on the original Star Trek who made that show a success, and told them "here´s a new universe, for you to play in" " - JMS, 1993

Watching the Making Of i realized it had a lot of emphasis on the fact that there were Star Trek writers on the show, and gave the impression that "they" were the important people and not JMS. I mean, Dorothy Fontana is the one who gets to talk about the characters and station, and JMS is barely shown.

I guess all this was a half-lie to try and get ST fans into the show, heh.
I thought it had a fair about of both

I mean, this was before b5 was really out. and you are advertising it. and you show the creater (jms) and the writers (the other people). Remember, jms didn't start writting all the eps till later season. I thought it was a good way of showing the show at the time.
Remember - there's no BUSINESS like show BUSINESS. That said, I really enjoyed the episodes that the ST writers were involved with, even though they didn't do much, per se, once JMS got rolling in the second season.

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