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So, umm, just what happened to the contest?

Well, it is probably concluded and results will eventually emerge. Although I personally didn't beat the deadline (mounds of work).
It was kind of a short time period to work with, considering that a lot of people got busy in the last few months.

In fact, one day I noticed there were more posts in Off Topic than in Babbleon.


*Twilight Zone music* :confused:
And to think, I actually crafted a fine piece of literature this year, with the hopes of perhaps winning some small amount of recognition. Oh well........

Quick note... You can STILL read my story. Just hop on over to Babbleon and enter my Spacious Narn Mansion thread. There it shall reside!

Cheap Plug: It'll also be available at my board, assuming you'd like to read a story AND become a member at another happenin' messageboard. Merely click that link in my sig, and a whole new world of strange and wonderful things will be YOURS.

Ah! I have predictions of that cheap plug's effectiveness!

People That Go And Become Regular Members

People That Ignore It Or Don't Have The Time Or Some Other Lousy Excuse
Somewhere between one and infinity. I lost count around 90003344886040030232 and a half rounded to the nearest sixth.

This concludes our tour. Please make sure to watch your limbs as you exit the vehicle.
As it says on the front page, it was canceled.

Yes, I do understand the language.
I guess I should have specifically asked:

"So, ummm, just WHY was the contest cancelled?"

But you don't have to tell us if you don't want to.
I actually spent quite some time on my short story, working out all the odds and ins, tying up all the loose ends and making both the characters and story fit the already existing profile. I am quite sure there must be some others here whom can identify... so why don't we start a thread especially for this purpose (to post our stories), and if a thread has been opened already... please do point me in the correct direction!
Well, I DID post mine in Babbleon in my Spacious Narn Mansion thread, which now also features several angry rants on my part. Of course, it's in Babbleon, and we all know that most people seem to develop some form of cancer when they attempt to enter, so perhaps there should be another thread elsewhere. *sighs* Whatever.

*wanders off into the night*
Four. I count four already that wanted to enter. Sounds like there was interest there, to me.

Considering there was a total of two entries so far, I couldn't risk that. And even if another four came along, that's only six.

I have to judge these things and make the call. I don't do it lightly.
I don't think we ever saw Thanksgiving on the show, either, so we could do a contest of that. More lead time might provoke more interest. But Turkey Day just doesn't have the same comic potential that All Hallow's Eve did...
Thanksgiving is awfully American though ... Halloween is at least something known a bit better (if not celebrated) in other parts of the world as well.
Indeed. I am anti-Thanksgiving, and certainly wouldn't do anything about it on the site.

Halloween is mostly inoffensive, and it did grab plenty of interest last year.

I despise Christmas, so don't expect that either. :D

If I do another short story contest, it'll be a more general theme.
They have to have some kind of a "New Year" even on a space station. If you wanted a holiday theme it would give folks a couple of months to get stories in.

Londo on New Year's eve. That's kind of a frightening thought. :eek: