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So, how is it working with Sci-Fi?

One of the things a producer has to do on any pilot or series is deal with the network. They review the scripts prior to production and make suggestions, are involved in casting, sometimes set or costume design, etc. Someone on the newsgroup asked JMS how his experience so far with Sci-Fi compares with his experience with TNT on Crusade. Here's his answer:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>It isn't so much different as it is pretty much the same, in the sense that the whole TNT situation was an aberration; I had NEVER had that much interference, that level of interference, on ANY other show before. There have been headaches, sure, but that's part of the job and never to this extent.

So SFC's involvement has been pretty much on a par with what has gone before. They had a handful of notes on the outline, ditto on the script, and that was it. And in both cases they were primarily small notes, line notes or character bits.

You *expect* to get some notes along the way, because the network/studio is the buyer. I'm okay with that and always have been. The TNT situation was simply insane.


In another post he mentioned how happy Sci-Fi was with the footage that's been shot so far, and that the actress playing the Narn in the movie has not had anything like the trouble with the makeup that plague B5 in the early days. (Which is good news since it makes it that much less likely that she'll suffer an unfortunate airlock accident.



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Its so nice to hear that JMS is happy with Scifi. I hope it stays that way.
*crosses her fingers*

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That's pretty good news. I'm glad to hear that JMS isn't getting any trouble from Sci-Fi.

Also good news about the actress. One of my pet peeves about Sci-Fi is how most aliens are invariably male. We hardly ever see any female aliens. At least not regularly. (And I mean really ALIEN aliens. Dax and Kira from DS9, for instance, don't count. One had spots, the other had a frilly nose. THAT counts as being alien?!?) Na'Toth was great, and ever since then I've been itching to see another female Narn on a regular basis.

The same goes for a female Minbari. Or at least, one that WON'T turn into a human partway through.

However, I do NOT want to see a female Drazi. With any luck, the Drazi will keep their females under lock and key back on their homeworld.

How do you know that there haven't been any female Drazi?

Your task (should you choose to accept it). name 3 ways to spot a female Drazi. (Being played by a female actor doesn't count.

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and, for that matter, how do we know we have not seen a female "pahk morah"...or however those creatures spell their names, eh?

one does not usually get close enough to tell!

(and what's this about new ranks? i am very pleased to remain an ambassador...as you know, being emperor is no fun.)

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I seem to remember - having read it from somewhere - that we *have* sort of seen a female Pak'ma'ra... it's the hump on the male Pak'ma'ra's back.

As for a female Drazi... yep, I'd like to know as well - how would you recognize one? Or do they just prefer to stay at home?

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