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Situation in Finland

Here in Finland I am waiting and worrying what will happen if the Rangers will get their series. I'm hoping the best of course, with my thumbs up, but as I have talked with other fans here (by email or face to face) it seems that they are far less interested than what I am. One said that Babylon 5 was a good show, but tought that the francise of Babylon 5 was already been dead for a while and saw nothing good about the new potential series. No reason to wake the dead, so to speak. Other who I talked trough email, said that first of all there is no point to wait if our television channels will buy the new movie just because it is there.

I can partly agree. There's no point to buy one television movie, but as we finnish fans have seen, TV2 is very loyal to Babylon 5. They showed the entire series, but not because the ratings were good (they were actually kinda low) but because the executives knew that the series had many excited fans around the country - even if not so many. TV2 then bought the movies and aired them twice: first couple of weeks after Babylon 5 was ended and again in last summer. After the first airing of the movies, TV2 showed great deal of respect for us and aired Crusade even if it only had 13 episodes and even if they could have said "No, we don't want that. It's over. That's it. Screw the fans." And the fact that TV2 is goverments property, which means that the business isn't based on commercials, did help that they could air everything related to B5.

So, I'm hopeful, even if some of us has loosed their interest. I know that there are other fans from Finland here and I would like to what you think about this. Have you already seen the movie?

As I'm not in Finland, I doubt there's anything I could do, but I would certainly be most grateful if YLE2 continued their support for all things B5 and picked Rangers up (or some other channel, perhaps MTV3 or Nelonen)! /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

It would probably be the best opportunity for us North-Estonian fans to see it on TV (I swear, I have no idea how our own channels' minds work... but I'm not too optimistic about this). I mean, that's how I and several others first saw B5 and how most of us have seen Crusade or the B5 movies since the Estonian Kanal 2 seems to have not picked them up.

I assume though that as seems to be the case with most countries right now, it's hard to know or guess anything at this time. Once the decision about series or no series has been made, then things should become clearer after a while.
Frankly speaking, I don't want to see the series through MTV3. Why? Because if the rating aren't high, they will surely cancel it after couple of month. Nelonen would do the same thing but before that they would change the airing times rapidly. TV2 is the best hope here.

Yeah, that seems to be the case with the commercial channels. I was just thinking it would be better than nothing, but of course TV2 would be the best option - they aren't likely to cancel something they've already started to air.

Is there any organised effort or something to remind TV2 about the fans? From what I remember a few years back, they seemed to be pretty good about reading their mail and even replying to it sometimes.
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Kribu:
<font color=yellow>Is there any organised effort or something to remind TV2 about the fans? From what I remember a few years back, they seemed to be pretty good about reading their mail and even replying to it sometimes. </font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

I'm not sure, but I tried to contact one person but he didn't reply. But there is a good chance that they already know about the new movie. And maybe WB or Babylonian Production has a list of channels that aired the whole B5 series. If that's the case, then TV2 could be very well respected and kept in mind.

Living in Estonia, I have not tried with TV2, although this channel provided my first contact with Babylon 5. But I did convey my thanks and opinion to Kanal 2 when they aired it, congratulating those involved with program acquisition on their excellent choice. The reply to my e-mail sounded positively surprised, but indicated no definite plans for the future.
Re: TheInfection - Olen suomesta ja osaan ehkä auttaa.

As a reminder, once again, please DO NOT trade tapes publicly on this messageboard! We don't care if you do it on your own time, but public trading of the movie is prohibited here.
Re: TheInfection - Olen suomesta ja osaan ehkä auttaa.

I have to agree with Channe. Please don't give public references on this board to any places where one can obtain the movie, and please don't discuss here in public the means to get the movie.
Re: TheInfection - Olen suomesta ja osaan ehkä auttaa.

To Kribu and Channe. Sorry, my fault, my mistake. I won't do it again. /ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif Next time I'll remember one of these basic rules.

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