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Scifi ratings w/B5 Movie marathon


Beyond the rim
Trek Marathon 1.0
Legend of the Rangers 0.9
B5: Call to Arms 0.8
Nostradamus 0.8
Replicant 0.8
B5: River of Souls 0.8
Farscape Marathon 0.7
B5: Thirdspace 0.7
Black Mask 0.7
Street Fighter 0.7

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 5/27/02 - 6/2/02
Help me out here..I know NOTHING about how these ratings work..is this good or bad?
None of the ratings are "good." Not sure how many households each .01 represents but whatever it is, it is a small number of viewers compared to the total (all programs.)

Legend of the Rangers received a 1.7 total for all areas when it first ran and this number killed it.
I think it shows B5 has more re-run power than Farscape. Farscape was shown for 24 hours, I think the whole second season. To bad B5 shows/movies don't have a stronger first run on Scifi.

Yeah, but look where Legend of the Rangers was. Right behind the Trek marathon with a 0.9 The Trek Marathon had a 1.0 So LotR is right in second place in all of those. SO why isn't it being picked up?!? It'd make them tons of ratings!

But Trek is 40 years old and people have seen it OVER AND OVER, and it still pulls a 1.0. The fact that Rangers had a 0.9 and was new tends to make one think there isnt much interest in it out there...
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I think it shows B5 has more re-run power than Farscape.

Maybe, maybe not. First of all, since they list both ST and Farscape as "blank Marathon" there is no telling how many of those episodes may have in fact made this list had they been treated separately, as the B5 movies were. Secondly, the "essentials" part of the Farscape Marathon (they didn't show anything as straight forwardly coherent as a complete season) was on during a work day (a Friday) when many people couldn't watch. The part of the Farscape marathon that was on after people with day jobs got home was a "sexiest of" collection, not necessarily the most central episodes that fans would go out of their way to see again, even if they had just been show a couple months before. Also, I think that some of those Farscape episodes had been re-run more recently than some of the B5 movies, which can have an effect on how many people make a point of watching. The Farscape marathon was competing with Game 7 of the Red Wings - Aves series as well as Game 6's in both NBA COnference Finals (all during the prime time period and all with offset start times), while of the B5 marathon only had to deal with a playoff game during one part of the afternoon.

In short, conditions differed enough that it isn't that easy and direct of a comparison. Your premise might be correct, but that weeks programming doesn't prove it all on its own.
Those numbers look bleak!

What I'd really liike to see is a B5 Chain Reaction, and we...the fans get tp pick our favorite eps. We all have eps have enjoyed over and over, even though they are not "stand alone" shows, but are great scifi!
Yeah, FlarnChef.

They need to pick up Rangers and stick me on the writing staff. Then their problems will be over.

Channe wrote: They need to pick up Rangers and stick me on the writing staff. Then their problems will be over.

I'll vote for that! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
I've got an idea that may seem nuts, but why don't we contact Showtime concerning more B5? JMS has a hit series with them--maybe they would be willing to do something. It's a crazy idea, but I'm willing to try anything at this point. Who do I write to at Showtime, & what is their address?

But if that happened ...

*looks in his bank account to see if he can afford a premium channel* 'bout the only way I'd get one. Hey, maybe if enough fans told Showtime we'd pay for it if they got a B5 ... though I'm sure the "enough" is too high a number to actually "get". /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif
Having B5 on a pay-channel like Showtime is a bad idea. Why? Because some or a lot of us dont' have showtime. I'm a college student and we dont' have it in our dorms, nor do my parents have it at home. Putting it on a pay-channel would alienate all but die-hard fans. Dont' get me wrong: I LOVE B5. But a) I wouldn't be able to watch it 8 months out of the year b) If my parents didn't get it I wouldn't be willing to pay for it for 4 months out of the year.

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