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Saw David Allen Brooks on ER last night. SPOILERS!

Unfortunately, it was a very quick appearance. He was one of the doctors that showed up after the awesomely f***ed up severing of Dr Romano's arm by the med-evac helicopter tail rotor. First he was shouting unintelligably over outside noise and then in the hospital he was speaking through a mask, so I never understood a word he said.

(edit: apologies to everyone. -channe)
Re: Saw David Allen Brooks on ER last night.

I didn't even recognize him - wow. That whole sequence was so quick and numbing and just plain f***ed up, as you said, that I wasn't watching the faces of the arm team.

Jesus. Did any of you even expect that to happen? At my house, we literally screamed...
Re: Well, yeah, I knew.

Im already told you I'm a spoiler fanatic. I knew about a month ago off Aint it Cool News that someone was going to lose an arm. And then about a week or two ago, followup conversation spoke of Romano's recovery. When they ran the "Parental Discression" warning at the start, I said, "Ooh, this is gonna be ugly."

I love Romano, though. He's such a troll.
Even in his condition, he had two great lines this episode:

1. (Upon gaining consciousness, disgusted) "Ugh, I'm in County."

2. (Regarding his surgeon) "I've seen his work. You might as well just have your prosthetics people come up here and measure me for a hook."
Re: Saw David Allen Brooks on ER last night.

Ahh...I do love ER.
*Basks in the glory of ER*
Romano's...injury...had been posted all over the internet. However, I never looked at those spoilers, so I was completely caught by suprise. The first 10 seconds I was shocked. After that, the quality that Serling and Straczynski pound inside my head took over. (Thanks, fellas.)

Come on, a helicopter blade? Of all the ways you could have screwed with a character in that episode - A HELICOPTER BLADE?
It's offensive to 'Rocket' Romano.

Oh, and a good catch that you saw David Allen Brooks. I never saw it.

And Channe, in my book you beat Louis L'Amour, George Lucas, AND the authors of all those problems in my Geometry book. Take a bow.

Well, bye.
Re: Well, yeah, I knew.

Well, now that I have seen this episode I can finally comment in this thread. *grumbles*

Just because some people enjoy reading spoilers and such does not mean everyone does. Also, just because a show has already aired does not mean that everyone has seen it. :rolleyes:

Maybe I was the only person reading this board who had not seen ER nor what the big event that happened but I was not pleased to read about it without any spoiler warning. Sorry I am being such a grouch about it but it is -really- annoying.

I missed the season finale so I recorded it last week. I didn't feel like watching another two hours of tv after the Friends 2 hr block. I am glad I waited to see the finale and season premiere at the same time. More fun that way. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Thanks Channe for editing the title and putting up with my complaining. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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