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Does it freak anyone out that we are watching a show that is strangely similar to the disease SARs.

I find the similarities oddly strange and very scary in a hopefully abstract way.

AFAIK current SARS knoledge says it is a mutation of the "normal" cold and it has a prefference for younger people.

And I'm not especially afraid SARS will whipe out the entire word. It's scary, sure, but there will always be big viruses threatining mankind. It is nothing unusual - also if it is.
Well, considering that JMS was working on a novel that was so closely aligned with the events of 9/11 which he had to scrap ... yes it is a bit freaky.

Sure, it isn't the Big Death but still pretty eerie.
Well..let's hope JMS has no prophetic abilities whatsoever :eek:

Or..I have a better idea. I think I will contact JMS and ask him to write a story about me getting laid :D
Lyta, what novel did he have to scrap, I had not heard of this.

I not saying it's going to kill the world I just saying it is eerie.

Well, he was working on a novel for a while (I guess in between all his other projects) which was going to have a "mainstream" theme.

Here is his posts about it:

I should be able to announce one other project, the last I could take on at this point, in about a month or so. The contracts only now got signed. And I'm now about halfway through the new novel I'm writing, which should be going out to auction in January (assuming work allows me to finish it by then).

"Mr.Straczysnki, I am currently reading your novel "Othersyde". It is a wonderful novel, are you going to write anymore in the near future? I will try to read the other ones, if I can find them."

The drag is that I was a couple hundred pages into a new novel, mainstream, when the events of 9/11 happened and I had to spike the novel because everything that happened since that day (with a few minor variations) lined up pretty much with my book, which kills any chance of publishing it.

Takes a while to come back from looking at two-hundred-plus dead pages.

On a happier note, I'm in the process of signing a deal that will put all three of my novels, plus my anthology, back into print early next year.
Eerie indeed... a preference for younger people, you say?

They said in yesterday's news that China had underreported the number of cases.
SARS doesn't seem to be all that lethal, although the fact that China may have covered up many cases clouds the issue somewhat. The mortality rate of SARS appears to be around 3.7%, quite low really, to think that 96.3% of the people who catch it survive.

Then again, in 1918 a virulent strain of influenza swept the world, killing at least 20 million, many estimates are a lot higher. The interesting point though is that the estimated mortality rate of that epidemic was between 3 and 5%.

Clearly SARS is nowhere near as contageous as that epidemic.

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