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Rock on, Lee Chen: Season 2 Speculation


"Someday down the road, remember that I was the one to tell you this first: If this place falls, it will be because of Jeremiah." --Lee Chen

Just a random thought while we're still waiting to hear about the second season...

In "Tripwire," Lee Chen made a few prophetic remarks about Thunder Mountain and Jeremiah, all of which came true in "Things Left Unsaid."

Now, TM's resident arse was later revealed to be a traitor to the Mountain and a Valhalla Sector operative of some sort (fairly high-up, from the way he addressed the soldiers that came to pick him up - but not that high, considering that they were about to shoot him). Markus subsequently went through a lot of pain and suffering thinking about all of the terrible things that Lee was going to do, and obviously *was* going to trust Jeremiah and Kurdy a bit more because of their actions - before, of course, Jeremiah decided to ixnay on the relationshiphay by saying sayonara to the Mountain in favor of finding what truth lay out there.

Problem is, by doing that, Jeremiah probably sealed his own fate regarding Markus. If we know Markus, he's probably thinking about and remembering Lee Chen's repeated warnings about Jeremiah - that if TM falls, it would be J's fault. And here it is - Thunder Mountain is as good as fallen - could it be Jeremiah's fault?

After all... Markus did know that he was going to find his father when he stole that Land Rover.

My question is who will be the new Markus of Season 2 - because these events *will* change him irrevocably.
Any time i watch the show i keep changing my mind of things. Lee kept saying those things about Jeremiah. Everyone thinks Lee is a traitor. I dont think thats the case at all now. I think he like Ezekial was trying to protect Jeremiah and make sure he didnt find his father. Wether it be to use Jeremiah as leverage OR jeremiah has something inside of him. We saw in Firewall Lee let Ezikiel in, then they talked again during Trip Wire. I think Lee will be a big part of getting everyone out of the jam

Yeah, I also think all the thing about Lee probably will become as a surprise in Season 2. I'm not too certain that he's a traitor maybe playing two sides but not totally a traitor.

Channe's opinion of how this will change Markus, is good. I think probably Markus will change in some way although in that matter all of them will change after all that events. All depends of what will become of Markus and the others. Where they will be held, same place that Jeremiah or another? I'm thinking that is Lee isn't the one that help them out probably Theo will be the one. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif Because is someone could escape all that riot in St. Louis probably will be Theo.
JMS loves to boot us in the head. I think Lee will end up being a major good guy - a la G'Kar - that starts off on a dubious (it doesn't mean anything, but it scares them every time!) path and ends up on the right side of the fence.

That's just my 2 cents. However, JMS likes to play like Tolkien. In the Hobbit, Tolkien has one major event: Bilbo gets the ring. In the first season of Bab, its somewhat similar. Draw you own conclusions on the comparison. ;-)

Jeremiah is being constructed in a similar fashion. It would be far too obvious, in my opinion, for Lee to be a "bad guy." Maybe a temporary traitor, but not a "bad guy."

Agree with you on the first point.

But he's SUCH an arse. And the actor is so good at being an arse, too. Lee infuriates me. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif