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RIDDICK: Shiny New Trailer!

Event Horizon was among the worst movies I've ever seen. It made no sense and was less fun. What a horrific waste of $14 and two hours.

Pitch Black was mildly entertaining, but I'm glad I saw it on video. It was no "Alien". Plus, Claudia Black wasn't in it long enough!

I'll definitely catch "CoR" on video.
Event Horizion= Bantha poodo

Its a Paul W S Anderson movie, the man who will this summer single handedly destroy the Aliens and Predator franchises.
The genius behind the first Mortal kombat (which i do like, but its not a clever movie) You just watch him mess them up. He may be a brit :cool:, He may be a raving fanboy :D , but his movies suck :(.

The new Riddick movie might be ok. I am a big fan of Pitch Black. Dame Judie Dench is in it, and despite being bribed by a multi-million fee, i'm sure she would'nt sign up to total rubbish. And for a mumbling muscular baldy type, Vin-Diesel is ok, IMHO, of course ;)
Event Horizon blew Camel Semen.
Quote of the day...



I hadn't heard that one since I was a freshman living in the dorm. It was popular then, before most on this board were born... :D But, I agree, I didn't like EH eother.

CE, try and see Vin Deisel's first film, written and directed by him, a short called "Multifacial." It is excellent, and was awarded at the Film Fest I work on, back in the 90's. It's listed on the IMDb.
Well I liked EH so foops to you all :p :)

I did avoid PB since I thought the trailers painted it as a bland space/horror flick. Following the thoughts here I'll try checking it out of Blockbuster some time.
Ok, I watched Pitch Black yesterday. It was Ok. Maybe a 6/10. Spoilers below:

The good:
- The overall dark and creepy feel made the movie worth watching. Horror films never scare me and this was no exception, but it was kinda cool to watch. The prison ship and cryo looked and felt appropriately gritty.
- Cast. It was just nice to see Claudia Black and Keith David (an actor who's voice work is probably more well-known: my favorite animated series and character, Spawn, as well as Goliath from Gargoyles and lots of TV commercials). Diesel is the best looking anti-hero in modern film and would make a good cartoon or action figure. The blonde chick did a good job.
- The premise. Though cheesy, the whole darkness thing was engaging.
- The monsters. I like the way they looked and acted. The scenes with them feeding was appropriately messed up.

The bad:
- Vin Diesel's acting, or lack of it. Sure the dude looks impressive in a tank top and shades (I would kill for that physique), but he has all the charisma of a pencil sharpener. His screen presence is shockingly bland, especially with the cool environments, fun dialogue, tough character and cool poses he gets to play in. It's like I should be impressed by or scared of Riddick but I'm not. In Fast and Furious I blamed the stupid movie for his lameness, but now I know he just doesn't cut it as an actor in my book.
- The Muslim guy came off so corny. All his kids are dying around him and he still maintains a cheery attitude.
- Aeryn Sun dies too early and stupidly. Hell, Claudia Black should have been Riddick. Now that would kick ass.
- Editing. That modern, ultra-fast cut editing style that I hate, where I don't know what the hell is going on, like on MTV. There's this one scene where Riddick is facing off a monster one on one, and it would have been so sweet, except when he finally kills it, they show like all the angles at once for a millisecond and I don't know what happened.

Assuming Chronicles of Riddick is a bigger, flashier, adventure story version of Pitch Black, it should be a nice spectacle, hopefully with a plot that makes some sort of sense, but with too much nonsense to take it seriously. One the Pitch Black DVD, the director says, "It's not good guys vs bad guys, it's bad guys vs evil guys."
So has anyone seen this yet? I'm reading mostly bad reviews. But now I'm dying to see it because it looks like it could be cheesy, silly fun. It has things like "Necromongers" and the "Underverse" and "Vin Diesel."

Ok, by the way, I want to start a movement to stop calling him that. His real name, I believe, is Mark Vincent, which is a pretty cool name. It's the height of idiocy to name himself after his physique.

Anyway, I'm trying to convince my friends to see it, but they don't want to. Apparently they're not into bad movies as much as I am. Oh well.
Went to see it...loved it...good, exciting, fun, SF. Twohy is the only director next to Spielberg who can reign Vin in.

I recommend it...it's not LOTR but it's good, IMO. And doesn't answer a lot on purpose leaving some mystery for the next film.

I hope it does well, since I think the best part of the story is going to be in the next film.

Don't bother GKar'sEye. All the eye candy is in the trailer. I can usually forgive a movie for being retarded if the action is entertaining, but in Riddick it's usually incomprehensible because of the crappy close up camera angles. It does have it's moments though
Saw this on Saturday. Boy, was it stupid. But my date and I had fun making jokes about it.

There sure was a lot posing and primping, almost as much as the gaping plot holes.

By the way, I didn't plan on taking a girl (I'm not that stupid), but the topic of bad movies came up and I mentioned this and how no one else wanted to go, so she was into the idea of seeing a bad movie. Riddick was everything I had hoped it would be.

Some of the stuff sure looked cool, though.
Finally got around to seeing this last night. Was rather amusing, if not exactly good.
Effects were amazing, dialogue terrible, direction was nice.
At times it felt like it was two films, a grim prison escape film (which was cool) and an over the type pseudo-gothic space opera (which sucked)

And Thandie Newton, why????

The video game is very good though.

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