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RIDDICK: Shiny New Trailer!

I can't watch the trailer now, but I have seen TV commercials and short ones in the theater. This kinda looks like it might be a real movie (and not, like, the Mummy or some shit) but I don't know about the Fast & the Furious guy- not the best actor, from what I've seen so far.
Is this a sequel to Pitch Black?

The movie looks pretty good, even though what's-his-face is in it. It's definitely not what I thought it was going to be.
Simplified Pitch Black plot: Ship carrying cryo frozen passengers crashes onto planet. Riddick, an escape convict who's had his eyes "shined" to enable him to see in the dark, is one of the passengers. Planet gets caught in an extended eclipse. Darkness-prefering monsters come out and kill a bunch of the remaining passengers. Riddick escapse from planet. The end.
Yeah, it's a sort of sequel...in that it has the same central character, plus 2 peripheral characters from PB, and its set a few years after.

Buuuuut, you don't need to have seen PB to enjoy it.

For all that Riddick was "the man" in terms of PB, he's not the only character in it: it was a horror type movie, so you started witha bigger cast, which got gradually smaller as things progressed.

This is more of a straight SF Epic...the relationship Diesel has suggested is this: PB was the Hobbit, The Chronicles of Riddick (there's a further two planned, if this one does well, to make a trilogy) is the Lord of the Rings.

You don't have to read the Hobbit to get LOTR, but if you have it adds something.


Hope that helped!
Actually, in my opinion Pitch Black was one of the most surprising sci-fi films we had seen in a while when released, as well as also probably being one of the better sci-fi based movies for the year 2000.

In any event, The Chronicles of Riddick is supposedly aimed to be the first of a trilogy if the movie should do well, make enough money, and provoke enough interest for a fan base. But before we get there, we have The Chronicles of Riddick sequel to Pitch Black, in light of the surviving characters continuing their story 5 years later... but that is about the extent of the connection. The Chronicles of Riddick is supposed to conclude a new adventure, where an escaped convict finds himself in the midst of a galactic war and captured by one of the opposing forces. More I will not say... watch the trailer. If nothing else, David Twohy has always provided interesting writings, and his composed style for Pitch Black was kinda different and nice for a change.

So, I guess we will all just have to watch the movie and make up our respective minds.

<edit>Sorry, Vonbloodbath had just beat me to the post</edit>
I personally can't wait for this flick. It looks like it could be very visionary and original. I like Twohy and loved how well he directed Diesel in PB, which is the role that really launched him.

Twohy has the ability to direct Diesel so he's not over the top.

Twohy's visual style is wonderful. I'm predicting good things I think from this...call it a hunch.


If you haven't seen PB yet...I highly recommend it...wonderful film!
I not psyched about this one but Pitch Black was a good solid flick. This one seems in danger of a cheese overdose though. Probably a rental for me.
Pitchblack wasn't too shabby. Kinda like Alien but with wings. Any Farscape fans out there will appriciate Miss Claudia Black :D
Want a storyline, watch Event Horizon. If you want good solid entertainment watch Pitchblack. It's a good foundation if you're interested in character developement and Riddicks character gets it in PB. In comes sequel and you are all snuggly and comfortable inyour knowledge base of the highly developed character that Vin Diesel plays :LOL:
Ok, I just put Pitch Black at the top of my Netflix queue.

Event Horizon sucked, I'm sorry. I know it has its fans, but there it is.
Ok, I just put Pitch Black at the top of my Netflix queue.

Event Horizon sucked, I'm sorry. I know it has its fans, but there it is.

Good for you, GKE! I think you'll like it. And I'm with you...thought EVENT HORIZON bit shit. And can't really see anyone saying that if they want story to watch EH. That's not story...that's well...shiite. B5 is great story...LOTR is great story, EH is doo-doo. Blood and gore do not a story make. That premise was interesting, but they wasted it on cheap horror cliches and gore. Sad really.

And Doctor Gonzo: If you liked PB why not go see RIDDICK in theatres? Twohy, as I stated before, seems to be the only director so far who can control Diesel, that alone wins him points in my book. Cheese factor? I didn't get that impression from the trailer. Besides, one thing raises the bar of RIDDICK to new levels for me...Dame Judy Dench. That woman is pure class...and will bring it with her into any film in which she appears. It also tells me that Twohy invisions a serious, not cheesy, story.

I'll give it a chance...it has a lot going for it.

I'll junp on the kicking EH bandwagon: didn't like it at all, but then it was a gore/horror film in space, not scifi. :(

I guess a lot of how you react to a film is your expectations...like I know a lot of people expected Solaris to be a big SF film with lots of SFX and maybe a bit of murder-mystery...of course, thats not what Solaris is at all. So when I watched it (some time later) with lower, and more realistic expectations, I actually really, really enjoyed it.

Whereas CoR looks like big SF; Dune crossed with Warhammer 40k. Right up my boulevard. :)

IIRC, EH had some solid actors, too. Wasted. The horror wasn't even scary. Eh.

I'll let y'all know what I think of Pitch Black.
I read the book Solaris before watching the movie...big mistake. Actually it probably was a good thing, because if I had I never would have read the book. The movie was so...uneventful. It didnt even really track as a story. The book had some long annoyingly boring background parts, but at least it painted a picture.

Oh, and Event Horizon blew Camel Semen. The only thing entertaining about the movie to me, was some overweight "white trash" lady who sat in front of me and my friend in the theater (yea, I saw it in the theater :() and brought her 4-5 year old kids. Watching them squirm, cry, and be horrified at the whole movie was kinda funny. Of course exposing kids that age to that kind of movie...they are probably ax murderers by now.
What a moron. It didn't enter into her fat head that maybe she should take the kids out of there? Ugh.

For Solaris, I enjoy the book and both films, Soderbergh's and Tarkofsky's. I see them as looking at the same story and concepts from different angles and, in a way, compliment each other very nicely, each colored by the maker of each piece. Soderbergh's is more true to Lem's vision (and Lem himself admires it while he admonishes the Russian film), but Tarkofsky's Solaris is some strange, fascinating blend of Lem's introspective humanist self-criticism and Tarkofsky's nature-worshipping brooding existentialism.

It's kind of like 2001, where the book and the film compliment each other, except with 2001 it's done that way on purpose. I wish there more projects like this, instead of straight "remakes."
I watched Event Horizon in the theater too. A friend wanted to see it. What they should have done was named it Hell Raiser:Event Horizon. The entire movie reminded me of those movies. I kept expecting Pin Head to show up and say "We have such sights to show you."

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