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Rangers question

I was thinking about the film LOTR so sorry if this has been covered already.Did a search and I did n't find anything . Narn and Drazi rangers among others . Were let in to try to show all the members of the ISA .When they put on the rangers badge they see a human and a minbari on either side representing the merdging of souls between human and minbari .Knowing the above if someone was of another race wouldn't they feel a little self conscious .Any other opinions ?
I'd tend to agree. I would think that there would naturally be a feeling of inferiority present once the meaning of the badge was explained to the new recruits.

On the other hand, I'm sure there is a level of detachment involved, too, similar to when someone joins the military and swears to obey the officers appointed over him/her. One must willingly suspend his/her natural inclinations for the good of the whole command structure.
Maybe the Narns and the Drazi did feel that way. But I wonder if they also could have felt honored to be included in the Rangers by the Humans and Minbari.
Honored? The Narns and the Drazi? Not bloody likely. Both cultures are too prideful for that. No, they'd want equal rights. Representation. Can't you just imagine the Drazi wondering why they spill their own blood for the Alliance -- why don't THEY get to be on the pin as well?

Would have been interesting.
Well, I was just hallucinating a bit there. :p

But, you're right channe, it could be interesting. ;)
I must agree with Channe. The Narn and Drazi Rangers would demand that their blood be mixed in. Besides, just imagine two Drazi discussing their green Isil'zha emblems (sans Narn and Drazi blood):
"It is Green."
"It is Purple."
Next thing you know, you have a civil war on your hands due to restriction of Narn and Drazi blood. :)
And humiliate me further for being wrong? Gee thanks... :rolleyes: Now everyone can read about it.

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