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Rangers Movie Would-Be Watchers

This can apply to everyone, but anyone who wishes to support the movie but is technically unable to, such as those fans in countries where it wil not be broadcast, should send an e-mail expressing support for the movie.
While we are at it, we might as well send a message of support for the series and for the ressurection of Crusade.
This way, our voices will not be 'lost in the wilderness' and WILL be heard.
Tell your fellow fans to do the same!
Who would be best to send the messages to?


If you Really want to get their attention, send a Real, genuine Snail Mail letter.

The decision makers pay more attention to Paper than to electrons.
It's rooted in the history of the broadcast industry.
When a US TV or Radio station has their license up for renewal, they go through a process of "proving" that they serve the "general good" of the community.
Part of this process used to involve showing the people from the FCC any (all) letters the station had gotten from viewers commenting on their service as "proof" that they were giving the audience what it wanted from them.

This was a Significant part of the station's evaluation.
With Million dollar licenses at stake, Letters from Viewers became very important to the industry.

Particularly ones that said Nice Things or that requested particular types of programming.

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point well taken...so...

send an email and send snail mail.
Sending a letter may be expensive for some fans.
E-mail will be available to anyone who reads this messagebaoard and most people who can actually watch television.

As long as you send something.

Where to?

SciFi Channel
(would someone be nice enough to post the address as I dont have the time to find it right now)

And while youre at it, send mail to NASA to rename the international space staion Alpha to ISS Babylon.
Lets just hope its not sabotaged then


Actually, Sci Fi will not IIRC have anything to do with any broadcast outside the US.

Mail would most likely be effective to Warner Brothers Television, and to whatever the likely outlet would be in your respective home country.


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I think you have a good idea there. After all, not all B5 fans live in the US. But snail-mail would be better than e-mail. I think that would make more of an impression.



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They won't change the name to ISS Babylon, primarily because of the word "Babylon's" other connotations among a good number of people around the world. Witness:

"The Whore of Babylon," the Jewish Babylonian exile, etc., etc. It's not that happy a word in a lot of lore.

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I don't think it is any use sending a message to the SciFi channel if you live outside the USA.

In Canada the message or letter should probably go to SPACE. Also Global tends to pick up series and/or movies produced in Canada so you could try your local Global station since LotR was produced in Vancouver.

Other countries will have to work out the best network for them.

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