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Rangers article in the print version of Cinescape

I haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but the latest issue of Cinescape is all about the fall TV season, and they've got reports on something like 30 different shows, including Rangers, even though it's not confirmed as a series and it doesn't come out this fall. The article's only about half a page long and there's a picture of (I think) David and Dulann. Most of the info is stuff that we've already heard from other sources, but I will include one excerpt:

"weapons systems - 'When the ship is under attack, [Sirois] drops into a gunnery pod, which is a three-dimensional holographic representation of space, and actually becomes the ship,' says Straczynski. 'Instead of the usual, 'There's a ship, fire!' and pushing a button, where she points, the ship fires.'"

Each of the shows also has a "Buzz-O-Meter" rating (don't ask me, I'm just reporting this), designed to rate how positive the buzz on the project is. Rangers is given a 9 out of 10 on the "Buzz-O-Meter" scale. The only other shows to get this high a rating are Enterprise(10), 24(9), Buffy(10), Justice League of America(9), and The Simpsons(9). That's six shows out of a total of 30 with a rating of 9 or higher. Also, Rangers is the only show they talk about with an airdate in 2002.


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-becomes- the ship? Oh, wow, I can't wait to see this. This must be the green-screen work we've been hearing so much about. And maybe, perhaps, the new sort of effects that was mentioned before?

*adds a trip to her local Barnes and Noble to tomorrow's schedule.* I need to pick this one up.

A buzz of 9?


Here we go, folks

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cool, can't wait!!

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It's not exactly new information, although it's the first direct confirmation.

We've seen the shot of Sarah jumping down the tube in the original online trailer, and then the "Aint it Cool News" review from a couple of months ago said that the gunnery officer hangs in space and "kung fu's" the crap out of the enemy ships.

Then JMS came online and said the Myriam did hours and hours of extensive wirework in front of a blue screen, but tried to be coy on the details.

The weapons interface apparently is based on bodily movements from arms, legs, who knows? Maybe even her head too. So you can imagine the type of flailing about Sarah's going to have to go through to repel an attack wave of ships coming from all different directions.

Not having seen the Liandra yet, I wonder, how will she see ships apporaching from above?

I guess we'll find out.

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