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Rangers and ACtA


Since Rangers runs through the events of ACtA, do you think the Liandra will be part of those events.

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Will the Liandra be part of the fleet that takes on the Drakh Planet Killer. I think that it would make an interesting stroy. Much like the diffrent perspectives that we got on In the Beggining.

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it's possible.

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I seriously doubt it. The fleet that went up against the Drakh were Earth Force ships gathered at Sheridan's request (through Lochley). I don't think the Rangers were involved at all, and the Liandra would probably be far away on a mission.

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I don't know and Drakh the fleet also had ISA vessels there aswell....

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I believe Sheridan ordered in as many White Stars as could Get there in time.

Plus, I believe Delen convinced the Grey Council to send in all the Minbari warships which could get there.
Common enemy situation.
But, I don't think many of either the White Stars or the Minbari fleet were able to get there until late in the action.
It's difficult to know because most of the attention was focused on the Excalibur.

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And Sheridan does make the comment about Earth being a little worried because they remember the last time he showed up with an alien fleet. So there would certainly have been IA elements in the force. It would be sort of amusing to see that event from the perspective of Liandra, in a Back to the Future 2 kinda way.



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I think that to add the Liandra to the battle would be pointless. We have seen all the important aspects of the battle, the cameo would only be important as...(Possible Spoiler)

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>...a whitestar taking an early hit in battle, and withdrawing. This being the battle that the crew is dishonered in. Then given the Liandra after their court appearance.</font></td></tr></table>

Except that ACtA takes place a couple of years - give or take a few months - after the Rangers movie.

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I can't even think of how JMS is going to fit the Crusade story into "Rangers." All I can think of is that the Liandra is part of the ships that searches for the cure... maybe leads the Excalibur TO the cure?

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I was thinking about the following idea as a cool scenario:

What if there's a character in Rangers (more likely a guest star or recurring guest star than one of the main cast) who's headed for Earth in the first season, and we (the portion of the audience that's familiar with Crusade) know that that person is going to get stranded there because of the plague and quarantine, but the characters on the show of course don't know?

Character: I'll visit the Liandra crew again next year after spending some time on Earth.

Audience: No you won't. Heh heh.


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Isn't it possible that the crew of the Liandra will be given a better ship after two or three years.

Once the Plague starts, you can be sure that every Ranger will have standing orders to be alert for anything that might provide a clue to a cure.

BUT, they will also have a Lot of things to do to keep the Alliance working.

If the Alliance were to start falling apart, the people directly searching for the cure would be in Serious trouble.

So, the Rangers will be helping Indirectly just by keeping the Peace.

But, they will mostly be Too Busy to provide much Direct help.

Including the Liandra.

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What I'm personally assuming is that the Liandra (should B5LR go on to a series) won't be involved directly in the Drakh plague. I mean, considering there are Humans in the crew, I don't doubt that they'll be trying their best to help out. But I've found that - as annoying as it can be sometimes - having a third party's "disconnected" view of things can be quite a lot of fun. (Book 2 of the Technomage series, specifically.)

Without more information on exactly what the Liandra will be in charge of, it's hard for me to believe that it would be put directly into service against the Drakh. What we do know about the ship is that it's one of the worst and oldest ships, so I suppose that being involved with the search for the cure is likely, since it's probably going to be on an "exploration" style mission anyway.

So, in summary: Mid-season 3, Gideon, Galen, and Dureena take control of the Liandra, toss everyone into an escape pod, and the name of the series becomes "Crusade2".

Of course, that could just be unfair bias on my part...

my understanding was that the rangers were very much involved in looking for a cure. i thought the rangers were scouting different worlds, looking for something that could be worthwhile. they'd pass along suggestions to the excalibur, which would then come in and follow up on what the rangers found, to see if it really was worthwhile. i'm sure not all of the rangers were involved, but there were surely quite a few.

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Not all of the rangers. Plus, I think JMS has other ideas than the plague. It'll probably get mentioned, yes, but didn't you remember that Crusade was about more than just the plague?

Hee hee!!!!

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