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Positive Energy

Well, we've all seen the pilot, discussed our critiques, written the sponsors & SciFi, and cursed the scheduling snafu.

Some people have since lost hope in seeing a new series, and perhaps they're right. However, I'd rather send out positive vibrations, good karma, etc., and hope for 5 seasons of great entertainment from B5LR.

Please join me in hoping for a new series. I don't know if it'll help; but I can't see how it would hurt.

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I would hardly need to join you, for this is what I have been doing all along. Hoping that there will be a new series, and a good one.

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To be honest - I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really hope the SFC's going to pick it up and turn it into a series. And five seasons would be perfect of course

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Has anyone read the rumor at the Rangers board at scifi.com? "Gangster" said that a Seattle reporter has stated that SFC is picking up Rangers as a series. Don't know if it's really true, but I certainly hope it is!

Look at the post titled "rumor" by Gangster at the SFC Rangers board.


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OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM, OOOOOOOOMMMMMMM, on the Range.... ERSSSSS. Meditating on the rangers to send out good vibes.

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The only rumors I'll get my hopes up on are those that I hear from more than one source - or from the horse's mouth. Too often "rumors" from just one source are false - and meant to be so.

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Well, if all the Narns hating at once could turn Centari Prime to ash, imagine what we all could do with GOOD intentions.

Let our thoughts combine ... for a future Rangers Series.

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Me and my tribe just offered up a veal to Baal. We asked him for better crops and a new Bab 5 series...

Hope it will help !!

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Untill October goes by with no mention of Rangers from scifi I will not give up hope. Unless of course somthing officail to the contray comes out.