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Portal site from Platinum Studios now live!


You may have have seen us mention that Platinum Studios was working on creating a Portal site for Jeremiah. Their goal is to create a place where fans and journalists from all over the world can get Jeremiah information all in one place. We have been helping them get it up and running and have provided content as well.

It will officially launch in February 2004 but in the meantime, they are looking for feedback and ideas about how to improve it. Be sure to register to get access to exclusive content such as prodution art drawings and some scripts from season one. Please let them know what you think!

For more information, visit:
Wow, what a cool site! I like the "From the TV Show" area - full of images and clips.....and scripts! :cool:
Yes, read the scripts while you can. This may be all we get and perhaps they won't be up for very much longer. :( It was great while it lasted though!

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