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Poll: Best B5 Character Death Scene

What character had the best death scene?

  • Keffer

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  • Marcus

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  • Neroon

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  • Cartagia

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  • Refa

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  • Byron

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A different kind of poll, but here goes. Not everyone listed here had a death scene per se, such as Keffer, whose ship was destroyed, but he did die nevertheless.

*Note that I have left out characters such as Londo, G'Kar, Kosh and Sheridan, each for different reasons.
I voted for Neroon, as his death was both symbolic for his people and heroic. He made such a turnaround from his first appearance and sacrificed himself for the good of his caste and his species altogether.
I voted Cartagia, because he was just plain cool!

Refa and Neroon also had great deaths. The others weren't so good...and Byron's death was just a great relief.
I was split between Refa and Cartagia... voted for Refa though, simply because that whole scene in And the Rock... was so marvellous.
"You cannot break those chains. They're made of solid correlium."

I was only 10 when it aired on TV, but I still remember the struggle written all over G'Kar's eyes.
I remember watching b5 when I was really little. It was confusing to me though. I thought that the jumpgate was surrounded by the station...

The whole Rock thing was nice. But, come on, Cartagia's the man.
i didn`t think it was great at all . All it was was him being injected and him saying "I was to be a god you understand" and then he popped his clogs so to speak
. However Refa`s death was a death that ruled !!! attacked by narns in a plot by mollari . You have it all there - Subtefuge , plots a class death
I'm a romantic, so had to vote for Marcus. Sue me

Seriously, it was a moment of pure love and self-sacrifice.

But she should have boffed him
Although there were a lot of good choices, ultimately I had to go with Refa, for both the music and because it was eminently satisfying to see that bastard get his comeupance.

I'm with Recoil. Neroon was a great character, and his death scene was really cool.

But when I first saw this thread, one thought that popped into my head was, "could we include Garibaldi's death scene from the flash-forward in Babylon Squared?"
But when I first saw this thread, one thought that popped into my head was, "could we include Garibaldi's death scene from the flash-forward in Babylon Squared?"

I left certain characters out for certain reasons:

Sure he died at Za'Ha'Dum, but he didn't stay dead. Then there was Sleeping in Light, but that was the end of the series and he just sort of disappeared.

Londo & G'Kar
We do see them both die, but it really happens after the series, not counting SiL. Yeah, there are the loopholes with the dream and War Without End, but I just decided not to include them.

I never even thought about him, but his death was in a possible alternate timeline, IIRC.

He did die, but I didn't include him because of the whole 'spirit' or 'life force' in Sheridan. And yeah, he did die again fighting the other Kosh (I think

Those are just the general reasons that I left some of them out, so sorry if your favorite character death scenes were left out.
Gosh, tough choice. I was torn between Markas (my romantic side popping up) and Neroon (his sacrifice was amazing). Ultimately, I went with Neroon because his death gave the Minbari something so meaningful. I also loved Delenn in that scene as well.

Markas should have boffed the Commander and he should have told Ivanova his feelings much sooner.
I would have voted for Morden, as Londo served him his revenge - a dish best served cold.

But I actually voted for Byron because it was nice to see him go.
Time to ask a question I've wanted to ask for a while... while do people sometimes spell Marcus's name as "Markas"?

Worst Bab-5 death scenes / events: Alvarez, the Zarg, General Hague (well, lack of death scene!), Bester (in the book).

Other good death scenes / sequences: Anna Sheridan (love that scream!), Mitchell's helmet in the battle of the line, President Clarke (SCORCHED EARTH!)

Since I am a Sheridan fan, I would have picked him.

But anyhow, I like how the Narns beat Refa to death. Quite appropriate, I do think.