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Play.com now taking R2 pre-orders


My personal favourite (and many other people's favourite) DVD online shop are now taking pre-orders for the R2 version of the Season 1 DVD Box Set. Take a look at this link:


They are selling at £49.99 - which is a bit more expensive than Blackstar, who seem to be selling the cheapest at the moment. Despite the £5 (roughly) price difference, I will pre-order from Play.com as they have given me a faultless service for the 5 DVDs of both region 1 and 2 I have ordered from them before. Normally, they ship about a week before the release date - which is good, I recieved my Gathering/ItB DVD and my Lord of the Rings DVD a week before their street release date. Also, Play.com do not charge for shipping, so, infact they may work out the cheapest /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Also, it is of passing interest to note that the episodes they are listing (correct me if I'm wrong) are the same order as Blackstar's, without the "Midnight on the Gathering Line" unforgivable mistake.

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our price: £49.99 Delivered

availability: Due for release on 14/10/2002
RRP: £64.99 You save: £15.00 (23%)

This DVD release features all the episodes from Season One of Babylon 5.

Episode titles: Midnight On The Firing Line, Soul Hunter, Born To The Purple, Infection, Parliament Of Dreams, Mind War, The War Prayer, And The Sky Full Of Stars, Deathwalker, Believers, Survivors, Signs And Portents, By Any Means Necessary, The Quality Of Mercy, Grail, Eyes, TKO, A Voice In The Wilderness Parts One and Two, Babylon Squared, Legacies, Chrysalis.


Also, it seems as if the certificate is going to be a "12" here in the UK, which tallies with the VHS releases of Season 1 - the highest certificate was a 12.

I'll be interested to see how much they charge for the R1 set, as their prices do tend to differ from region to region.

Anyway, looks like I'll be getting my order in fairly soon now /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Speaking of Lord of the Rings, my local Kia dealership is giving away the DVD if I choose to go and take a test drive.

So, guess what I'm doing on Saturday?

...doesn't mean I have to buy the darned thing... /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
I really like Play.com, and have asked them if they will offer some sort of affiliate scheme.

As I said before though, I really do appreciate it if people hold off and perhaps order through Amazon.co.uk. Then the site benefits from the sale, and it'll help fund the running and future development costs.

Plus... there's going to be a competition just for UK visitors. If they buy the region 2 DVDs through the site, there'll be a prize draw for a nifty exclusive collector's video and book box set.

So it's not out yet, you can hold off and make your choice later if you want to.
If you get some sort of affiliation going with Play.com, then I'll help you out /forums/images/icons/smile.gif But, Amazon do tend to price things rather high, ship about a week after the release date, and I don't like 'em /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

With me, it all comes down to money, if Amazon offer a decent competitive price then I'll go through you - but if it's more expensive (Considering they charge for shipping) I'm afraid I'll use Play.com. I'm a student, and won't spend more money than I have to. I've never used Amazon, come to think of it, wheras I've used Play 5 times - I prefer to stick with what I know, and trust. But as I said, I'd like to help you out - and that little competition looks nice and tasty /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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