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Pirates of the Caribbean (spoilers)


I don't think I've had as much fun in a movie theater this year as I did during tonight's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl."

But I like old '40's pirate movies, so...

Anyway, I thought it was great, especially since the basis for this whole thing is a Disneyland ride. Way too much skeleton action in parts. But the plot fit, the ride was fine, and even though you knew everything was gonna come out in the end, it was great getting there.

Watch out for a sleight-of-hand trick that makes the difference between being confused during the last fight scene and sitting there grinning like a madman.

Johnny Depp pulled off one of those stellar performances where you really forget you're watching a famous actor. What a performance. Even though Orlando Bloom pulls a few Legolas faces here and there.

Anyway, it was funny and I had a good time.

Expect to see my thoughts some time in late August, when it's released here. :D

I've wanted to see that movie ever since I heard it was coming out ... and especially after Johnny Depp (one of my favourite actors ever, incidentally) said he based a lot of his character on none other than one Keith Richards... well, I need to see the movie now, it's not just want any more. :D
I found the quote... and he said that he was aiming at a combination of Keith Richards and Pepe Le Pew.

And I love, love, love Johnny Depp.
But it's pirates!!

*has been an unabashed fan of all things pirate since around the age 4*
Well, Channe, if you say it's worth watching, maybe I'll see it. I too love old pirate films. Captain Blood with Errol Flynn is one of my all time favorite films. You, and other Johnny Depp lovers should check out Dead Man, directed by Jim Jarmusch. It's my favorite Depp film. Here is a link to its IMDb entry:
I've never seen Dead Man, but I believe he looked a bit like ol' Captain Jack Sparrow in that too.

I like Depp. He's a real offbeat type. His portrayal of Captain Jack, from that drunken-feminine walk, to the slurry speech and gold teeth, was completely his. When the studio gave him some resistance he told them to trust him or fire him. They trusted him, although he did compromose and removed half of the gold teeth he showed up on set with.

I'd say my favorite Depp film still Tim Burton's "Ed Wood", which is also a must-see for Martin Landau's Oscar-winning Bela Lugosi.
I saw it with a friend of mine who went because Orlando Bloom was in it. :rolleyes:

*Knows she might get killed for this.* I think that Orlando really needs to do another role besides the cute, hero type. I'd like to see him in some other role so I can decide if he's a good actor. I mean, he plays a good hero, but his performance in "Pirates of the Caribbean" isn't going to win him an Oscar nomination.

However, I believe Depp earns one. Holy cow! His performance was stellar! I've never laughed so much at a Disney character in my life! He truly was funny. Every time he came on screen, I couldn't stop giggling. Hands down, he stole the show.

Okay, I saw it opening night. Anyone else get what's up with everyone screaming, "AWWW!!!" when the monkey came on screen? I don't see the cuteness in monkies...
Just saw this movie based on people's recommendations and it was good, fun movie. It has been ages since I went on the Pirates ride at Disneyland so I missed a lot of references to the ride but I will be able to refresh my memory after the end of this month. :D

Depp was good as usual and I always love the quirkiness he brings to his roles. Orlando was nice to look at too. ;)

I think I will definitely pick this up on DVD.
Yup, this move pwned. Not for anything else, but b/c of Johnny Depp. Everything he does in it is just plain GREAT! From his arrival at the docks (that was masterful), to getting slapped so many times by women :D
Addicted Much? *giggles*

I've found a new fandom to add to my others!! :-D I've seen this movie four times and I must see it more. I also saw it on opening day. Johnny Depp blew me away. I am very in love with Jack Sparrow now. :-D Interesting fact, the role BELONGED to Depp. Sparrow would not have been named Sparrow or anything like the char we see on screen if Depp had not been involved.

There was nothing that made me unhappy about this movie, except for the ending. But I could understand that. I wanted Elizabeth and Will to join the Pearl but...it had to be a Disney ending. :rolleyes:

Another thing that I love is the score. The score is wonderfully prepared and breathtaking and just WONDERFUL!!! I went to get it the first day that it came out but it was sold out everywhere that I went to. :( I finally got it on the next day, though. :) One store was nice enough to have ordered another copy. The only thing I wish now is that the movie was better merchndised. :( They didn't expect it to be a success. AND there is already a sequel in the works!! *bounces*
Re: Addicted Much? *giggles*

YAY!!! A sequel! I hope Depp is in it!

I may have to see the movie again to remember the soundtrack and then decide if I want to get it or not.
I've wanted to see that movie ever since I heard it was coming out ... and especially after Johnny Depp (one of my favourite actors ever, incidentally) said he based a lot of his character on none other than one Keith Richards... well, I need to see the movie now, it's not just want any more. :D

I don't think you'll be disappointed, Kribu. Capt Jack Sparrow is absolutely FANTABULOUS...

I'm contemplating going to see this movie again tonight. I expect there may be a couple more viewings in my future even before DVD goodness is mine...

Though I must say Geoffrey Rush is turning into a caricature of a hamfisted, bombastic character actor.

*shudder* Sometimes the Academy can be wrong... :eek:

Just seen it today. Absolutely fab. The effects were seemless with the pirates jumping in and out of the moonlight all the time.

If you want to sit through the credits (I do usually to listen to the music) there is a little scene at the end.

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