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I wanted to know if there was something you could do about minimizing the clutter at the top of the page. After I post something the combination of the beyond the rim snipit, the spoiler warning warning and the write a useless emaill(sorry) ad leaves the view your post/go to forum links off screen. If I'm not paying complete attention I get to the go to forum link too late. It's not a huge thing but can get annoying.

I'm certainly not suggesting the hot chick photo should go or the spoiler warning waring but maybe the ad could go. I know it's your campaign but I wonder if it could be included as one of the ads premium members don't have to see?
Hi. A fair point, it is quite high.

I don't have any system to remove ads, and it's not advertising anyway (as such).

The Beyond the Rim thing is transient, and changing.. not always there.

As to the spoiler warning, I am thinking of a smarter way to do that. As it is quite a chunk of real esate.

I'll remove Beyond the Rim there for now.

Thanks for the feedback.