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News post: UK fans to get B5 DVD raw deal


<font size="+1">UK fans to get B5 DVD raw deal</font>
<font size="3">Cost to be 188% more than US! Plus, Australian DVD</font>

UK B5 fans will get the privilege of paying much more than their US counterparts for B5 DVDs when they are released on March 11 2002. UK fans paying more? Now there's a non-surprise.

US fans recently had a DVD released containing "The Gathering" and "In the Beginning" for a recommended retail price of the equivalent of £13.86 (US$19.90) (related news), even though the final product price was actually lower than this at many outlets.

UK fans, however, will not have the two telemovies in one product, as it has been decided to release them as separate DVDs here in the UK. That wouldn't be so bad if the prices reflected this. However, the prices have been increased. The recommended retail price for each telemovie will be £19.99 (US$28.69), meaning that UK fans will pay a total of £26.12 (US$37.49) more than the US, that's an increase of over 188%.

B5LR.com will find out the details for the company responsible for releases in the UK, and give details of whom to write to for complaints.

Meanwhile, Australian fans have received a bit more respect, with a DVD being released in the same form as the US, with two telemovies in the one product, and at virtually the same price. The recommended retail price is AUS$36.95 (US$19).

If you have any information on B5 DVDs in your country, then please contact us.
Absolutely ridiculous.

Which tentacle of Warner's has jurisdiction over UK DVD sales? I've a good mind for a road trip!!!


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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Technomage Roanna:
Absolutely ridiculous.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Not to them. They released the movies on VHS for about the same price, and they sold extremly well.

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I don't know if they are available in Canada yet but if they are they would be about $22.50 Can. If not then probably the cheapest way will be to pay Amazon.com in US dollars which will be about $26.00 Can. including cost of mailing.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by A_M_Swallow:
How much does it cost to import DVDs into the UK?

Don't know about the UK but it should be about the same (if not less) what I was charged:

I ordered my copy from Amazon.com (at pre-order price of $14.98) and together with shipping ($5.98) it came to $20.96.

Still less than the price of one of those two R2 DVDs...

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on the other hand, UK viewers got the ENTIRE show on VHS didn't they while we in North America got screwed over by Warner Brothers. as i mentioned before, they released willy nilly - part of one season, none of the next and then all of another, but NOT in order, plus they actually sometimes put the shows in the wrong order on the tapes. duh. morons. no wonder people stopped buying when they saw that kind of stupidity. if we weren't such huge fans, WB wouldn't be worth the time of day. right now, as i type this, i am looking at my collection of the partial released season two and the gap where the non-release of season three should be. season 4 was not completed, although all of season 5 was. idiots.

My set of videos is complete.

Six episodes a tape, about fifteen tapes.

Too bad I'll have to fast-forward through all those commercials.

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well there's *some* good news for UK based B5 fans who have multi-region and RCE compatible DVD players.
www.play247.com are a jersey (hence UK) based company that sell both R1 and R2 DVDs. i received my R1 B5 disc the friday before the offical release date and it only cost me £13-99 including delivery...

so no hassles over import duties i guess!


I bought my DVD with The Gathering and In The Beginning in Toronto, it cost me about $29.00 but 15% of that is our dear Governments gouging taxes.

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Well, all that means is that people will buy US discs instead of the UK ones, with or without RCE. In fact, at those sort of price differences, its almost worth buying a new DVD player which can handle RCE *solely* to do this. It would pay for itself in a couple of months.