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News post: The Lurker's Guide is back!


News post: The Lurker\'s Guide is back!

<font size="+1">The Lurker's Guide is back!</font>
<font size="3">Midwinter.com site returns to the 'net</font>

As many concerned fans had noticed, the Midwinter.com Lurker's Guide went offline a little while ago. Mirrors of the expansive and informative site were online, but nothing was as complete as the "mother site".

Well, it's good news, as the site is now back online. click here to visit the resurrected site, where there's also an explanation of why they went offline.

Welcome back!
Re: News post: The Lurker\'s Guide is back!

That is really good news

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Re: News post: The Lurker\'s Guide is back!

I will readjust my link to it in the links section. But I don't overly promote links, it's just the one section. I do my bit in news items. And if the Lurker's Guide, or any site, has newsworthy stuff, it gets a news item.

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Re: News post: The Lurker\'s Guide is back!


Definitely a bit of pre-new-year's good news cheer there :) As a suggestion to Antony, though: now that Lurker's is back up, apparently (and hopefully) to stay, and given its importance in the B5 community, you think we could have a rather prominent link to it on B5LR? I'm not sure where it'd fit, but I'm certain Lurker's will be posting synopses of the B5LR movie ("and episodes" he adds hopefully) so it certainly would be on-topic.

Whaddayathink? :)

Re: News post: The Lurker\'s Guide is back!



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