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New season two promo clip

Yes, some interesting "spoilers" too if you look closely. Hop on over to my site for more juicy information about part one and two of LETTERS. :D Read the synopsis of the episode and put it together with the clip. ;)

I would post them here but there is no spoiler code. :(
OMG! :eek: Can we discuss spoilers in this thread? It's not got the Mark of the Demon Spoiler.

D'amn that's some good stuff, thanks Monica! 'Course I didn't get to see it cuz I only order TMN when they're actually airing Jerry mostly because I don't fancy getting a $65 satellite bill every month of the year :p

Hee! "Filmed in location in British Colomabia" -- I'm amazed that a little maple leaf doesn't appear at the bottom of the frame everytime a Canadian actor is onscreen :LOL:
Based on what I have seen already, there is going to be some serious shit going down this season. I can't wait! :D

If you want to talk spoilers here just be sure to provide spoiler space. I was just too lazy to do that for the episode synopsis because they are quite long and might be hard to avoid if people really don't want to read them.

How about I start a new thread full of spoiler goodness and keep this one spoiler free? :)

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