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New JMS short story -- FREE!


Happy New Year and what a nice present from Amazon.com and JMS! You may have seen this post a few weeks ago from The Great Maker on the newsgroups but I will repeat it here again:

For those who follow my prose stuff...I've written a new short story, "The Salvation of Lyman Terrell," which will be made available for reading for free on amazon.com in the next few weeks (I'll try to remember to let folks know when it goes up) as part of a series of such bonuses they're offering to customers.

To read the story, visit:
Entertaining but unrealistic.

I like stories which I can believe, yet cannot predict. This story I could not believe, yet could predict in notable extent.

It was not complete and balanced -- but it was entertaining. For which reason I must thank JMS for publishing it.
Bah, too bad JMS didn't reply to my thread but here is his comments on the story:

The short story I mentioned, "The Salvation of Lyman Terrell," is online now at:


One small problem...for whatever reason it came through the formatting without breaks between sections to accommodate time or location changes, so that can be confusing. Other than that, enjoy.

Funny, I thought the formatting was done that way on purpose to make it seem more mysterious. ;) Also, I fixed the link to point to the correct page now.
I agree with the rest. Not bad, though it's very contrived and requires the old suspension of disbelief. I think he's capable of much more

I would say Stephen King used the concept better in "Thinner" when the gyspy finally took off the curse and put it into a pie, which must then be fed to someone else. The old gypsy says "Why don't you eat your own pie, White Man from Town? You die, but you die clean"

I just wonder why JMS is putting out short stories for free when he's got so much paying work on the plate.
I just wonder why JMS is putting out short stories for free when he's got so much paying work on the plate.

1) To do something nice for fans? (It is a trifle, after all, and it isn't like a) there are a lot of venues for short genre fiction these days or b) that such venues as there are pay very much. We're talking under a buck a word and this wasn't a very long story. So he isn't giving away much.)

2) Also as a loss-leader to promote his new book of short fiction and essays.

3) Because he wanted to show off that stylish hat. :D



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