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New Andromeda Cast Member


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I've been fairly easily vocal about my dislike of Andromeda for the past couple of seasons, but I thought I'd post this having just encountered it.

There's going to be a new cast member next season on Andromeda: an android named Doyle.



To this, I have to respond here as I did on FrellMeDead:

Hello, I'm Android Barbie. I'm female, and I like pink.
A cute humanlike robot wearing impractical clothing with no pockets. Hmm. We haven't seen these elements before have we? Oh, wait a minute, yes we have.

I'm so glad JMS, who knows how to make both good TV and good sci-fi, ran Babylon 5. No cuteness, no overt sexiness just for the sake of sexiness, no humanlike robots, no pink, no blond bombshells (I don't count Talia as a "bombshell"), comfortable & practical clothing, and clothing with layers & pockets. JMS, as Jay London from Last Comic Standing 2 would say, Thhank You.

In fairness, I guess I shouldn't pre-judge this character since I know so little about it or the rest of the show. But, I can't help it. Every time I tune into the show for a minute or two while flipping channels, it seems to be nothing but overacting, explosions, and that annoyingly spastic hacker kid.

As far as this hot, blond android dressed in high-heel boots, gun holster, and a pink sholderless skinsuit, I can't help but wonder if this will be a smart, complex female character like Delenn, Ivanova, Talia, Lyta, etc., or will she just be a Data/Troi/Dax/T'Pol hybrid. What other kind of impression could high heels and pink really send out?
I'm so glad JMS, who knows how to make both good TV and good sci-fi, ran Babylon 5.

I had a very similar thought when I made the above post: Thank God jms never put a character that looked like this into B5.

...since I know so little about it or the rest of the show.

I would say be glad you know little about the rest of the show. The first season and a half of the show were pretty good, under the leadership of Robert Hewitt Wolfe. But then TPTB chucked Wolfe out the door and the show started to fall apart from there. Now, the extreme vast majority of episodes contain villains that nearly start cackling in their evilness and are of the dumb caliber with the intent to make the "hero" look so much superior, which pretty much comes off as looking stupid to most people of intelligence. Under Wolfe, the show's premise was of a military officer trying to rebuild civilization (he was trapped at the edge of a black hole's event horizon -- frozen in time -- at the onset of a war so large that it destroyed much of civilization and fractured the known universe). When Wolfe left, the show went from rebuilding society to the main character having "adventures," which way too often meant he spent an episode flirting with whatever miscellaneous babe guest character of the week and "brilliantly" reaching conclusions to solve each episode's dilema without anywhere near enough information given to the audience for his extraordinary leap in understanding to seem even remotely realistic. While he's busy flirting with each week's space kitten, the other characters of the show stand around being mostly fifth wheels and spouting occational exposition and having one dimensional personalities.

;) I said I was vocal about my dislike of this show, can ya tell? ;)
She looks like a cheap hooker. :D

And not as hot as Steve Bacic I might add, but that would take a lot! Rommie comes close.
She looks like a cheap hooker.

You know, you got something there. She looks like a character in some kind of scifi-based porn film. "Is that your laser pistol or are you happy to see me?... Hold on, baby, we're gonna do it at warp speed!"

I tell ya, I just can't get past the pink and the cross-your-heart straps. It's a good look for a present-time nighttime soap opera character, but a futuristic sci-fi show? What are they thinking?
Ok, I can handle the outfit to a point, but it's the boots she's wearing that just kill me. If you look closely at the pic, the heals are just wide enough so they dont fall through the metal grate. Very impractical of an Android I must say. Could you imagine what an air craft carrier or any other sea-going vessel would be like if the crew had to run around in boots like that? :LOL:
Which character are they getting rid of? There was no free time for an extra character, except possibly as eye candy.
This seems to be one show that just refuses to die. I had watched about half of the first two seasons before moving to the States last winter. I had liked the show somewhat, not a big fan, but I thought it to be enjoyable. So when I noticed it on one of my local stations I naturally decided to watch. Now I wish I had not. The show has gone from so-so to oh-so-bad. It's just terrible now.

Adding some eye-candy is not going to help matters.
Well put. I gave up after I think middle of season 2. As always: interesting premise, and in this case characters I actually found interesting, but they did nothing with it.

Perhaps writers for t.v. science fiction should be forced to view "Blake's 7" before writing. ;)

I only ever saw a few episodes of Blakes 7, but I was absolutely stunned at how interesting it was. I am still waiting for that series to come out on dvd.
I only ever saw a few episodes of Blakes 7, but I was absolutely stunned at how interesting it was. I am still waiting for that series to come out on dvd.

The first two seasons of Blake's 7 have been released on PAL DVD by the BBC. (Many US computers can be set to show Region 2 DVDs.)

There are also Blake's 7 radio DVDs which should be playable by many music devices.
Any idea where the revival of Blake's 7 stands? Last I heard of it was:

Blake's 7 Mini-Series (TV): Producer Andrew Mark Sewell just gave an interview to Pixel Surgeon about the upcoming big-budget mini-series update of the classic Brit sci-fi show and revealed some new details. The first script is expected in about ten weeks, and they'll be losing the campness of the original show. Set 30 years after the series, it seems that "Blake's 7 has descended into the realm of folklore spoken off in hushed tones. The Federation as it was is no more and is clearly in turmoil from within". The new show may also include Servalan: "As a character there's so much you could still do with Servalan and I do feel that she needs a proper sending off" and the door has been left open for other characters other than Avon to return. Finally, a 2005 air date is being aimed at for the production.

from http://www.darkhorizons.com/news.htm
Thanks, AMS, but I don't watch dvd's on my computer. I think I'll wait to see if Blake's 7 ever comes out for region 1.
Hyp, not sure if you're willing to watch VHS anymore (Some people refuse to) and it would be quite expensive to purchase (I believe they're 2 episodes per tape), but there are VHS for sale at US Amazon.com. So perhaps you might be able to find them through NetFlix, or maybe even find a good deal on Ebay or something? (Just a couple ideas in case). I personally hope to see Season Box sets, as I used to watch on our local PBS station in San Jose, and I love the show. Can't imagine I've missed more than 3 or 4 episodes (if that).
I just listened to the A Call to Arms commentary. JMS says that the character Dureena Nafeel is somewhat based on Avon from Blake's 7. He said Avon would only smile once per episode and only at the most inappropriate time. I'm not familiar with Blake's 7, so I'll have to take his word for it.
Thanks, especially Sindature and AMS.

I'll see if it comes out in region 1. I'm not the only one who wants to see Blakes 7 on Region 1 dvd.

I don't watch dvd's on my computer. But if it comes down to vhs, I suppose I'll shell out the money.

I want my Blake's 7! :mad:
Well Andromeda got brought to SCI fi bet you dollars to donughts she is probably a scify suggestion.
Though the plot probably will have harper either make her or design her (Clothes) or something ,since he in the story is a male pig. Slightly better then a sudden bomb shell borg, or Vulcan.

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