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Never again?



Will we never ever again see a show that takes place in B5 universe?
I'd like to think we'll see another series sometime, but with the luck JMS has had with Crusade and Rangers I think the chances of another series has decreased significantly. Who knows what stories JMS has cooked up in his head. As with everything there's always hope. Who knows what the future will hold?
See a show, read a book, see a movie?

Who knows?

Unless something changes at the networks, netlets, publishers and Warner Brothers, no. Given the current people that are in charge, there's no way. Hell, we're lucky to have reruns, and the existing books and short stories.
Wasn't there a rumour a B5 movie may come out after the last Star Wars movie goes to the theatre?
That was an "if we were to do one, it would come out after Star Wars finished" rumor. It's nothing more than that, and probably won't go anywhere.
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Wasn't there a rumour a B5 movie may come out after the last Star Wars movie goes to the theatre?

Awhile ago I posted this question at JMS's moderated board: "Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that JMS is planning a B5 movie for the theaters, but wants to wait to release it between SW movies?" or something to that effect.

JMS himself answered "No". /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
Maybe ten years from now as nostalgia movie about things past kind of flick.As for series I think Rangers was our last best hope .No one will be trying to put anything on the air for a long time to come and as for Crusade it is dead as a door nail. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
Mind you look at Transformers He-Man and Thundercats, dead in the water after their success at the time, now they are heavily eating into the traditional comic book market.

You never know what the future may bring.
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Wasn't there a rumour a B5 movie may come out after the last Star Wars movie goes to the theatre?


JMS posted a message saying that it might be a good idea to wait until after the last Star Wars film was out in order to avoid being buried by the Lucas hype machine. Considering how much Star Wars has managed to dominate the genre press since The Phantom Menace debuted, even in years when there was no new movie, I think he may have had a point. However, you need to understand the context in which that post was written. B5 had just wrapped five seasons on a high note, TNT had paid for two TV movies, had signed up for another and was talking about doing an annual B5 reunion film, the deal for more B5 novels had just been inked, and Crusade was in pre-production. Warner Bros. was seriously considering a B5 theatrical film at the time, and had paid JMS to produce a 30 or 40 page treatment outlining the film's story.

Now Crusade is gone, the TNT deal dead, the books reduced to reprints of the Dell novels and the last attempt at a spin-off was rejected. Let's say that Warner Bros. has not been salivating at the idea of a big-screen B5 adventure for the last year or so.

Strong DVD sales, on the other hand, might change their minds, and indications are that DVD sales are strong.


Hopefully not.

(Writhes uncomfortably in the sudden maddening hush of other fans, who stare at him incredulously. "No, wait..." he adds.)

Babylon 5 showed that another sci-fi show could be as successful both critically and commerically (well almost) as Star Trek. It was the only contender at the time and by merely existing it showed networks that there was money in science fiction on TV and that it was worth investing in. I loved Babylon 5, but I consider it to be a good book to be finished and remembered fondly. I don't want a painfully drawn out franchise of diminishing returns. Crusade was a little lacklustre compared to what it could have been and only 'In the Beginning' was a majestic TV movie. Look at Star Trek; the peak was STNG. Downhill from there, though still reasonably entertaining. Nope, I'd prefer for new concepts and universes flung up onto the screen and I'd always take a self contained 'novel' of a TV show over an ongoing series. B5's main success was its arc, something that TV shows had barely ever done before... definitely not in sci-fi. Now everyone has learnt off B5 that people want a proper story and character development, not a universe set in suspended animation. For this reason and others I shall always love B5, but its time for new shows and creators to step in. Remember, B5 had to fight every inch of the way to win ratings and in doing so became stronger and stronger. There isn't that drive anymore. B5 was an outsider. It rewrote the rules and disproved the impossibility of beating a franchise. It showed that a sci-fi show should look further than its own survival. That there should be more than just plodding along.

I love 'The Prisoner'. I love the mighty and to date best TV series ever, 'Edge of Darkness'. These had contained stories, the British ideal (we were always too cheap to make big never-ending series, see?) Ultraviolet was the Brit fantasy/sf series of the nineties. All three of these were as fresh, mindblowing and innovative as B5. Finishing is what gives them value. No more B5. I want new worlds to play in.

And 'Six Feet Under' is the best TV show currently, by the way.
Regarding future B5 universe stories:

I want new B5 universe TV movies and/or Theatrical Films, IF they fill in holes in the original B5 series (e.g. The Telepath War), or adaptions of the Del Rey trilogies (possibly more canon, by fixing the few errors that cropped up in the books), or adaptions of Dell #7 and/or Dell #9.

I want to see Crusade continued in any way possible (TV series, TV movies, Theatrical Films, novels, short stories, graphic novels, etc.).

Lacking all of the above, I'd like to see Rangers continued in some form (e.g. novels, short stories, graphic novels, etc.)

Unfortunately, we probably won't get any of it. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

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