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My try: "Gifts"

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My try: \"Gifts\"


This story is not Halloween-related. However, it does slightly touch one topic associated with Halloween. Hence the title, which should be "Gifts". Also, it spoils quite a bit for my other story.


Delenn looked at the stone.

She had reasons. Unfortunately those reasons prohibited telling. Months had passed since she last saw it... probably for the rest of eternity. She had never imagined crying because of missing a Shadow. She had given it a present which she doubted it would accept. Her favourite flower, originating from Earth.

She loved those wonderful flowers, regretted she could never keep them on Minbar. If anything was a symbol of life, they were. Like miniature stars, their blossoms could cover lawns. Soft yellow while growing, fluffy white when complete. Leaves shaped like an elongated drop, zigzag edges, tubular greenish stems. Smiley little flowers.

Always in change, searching for something new. In their natural home, they inhabited a location for counted years. Then they disappeared, tiny parachute seeds floating away to find new places. They seemed fragile, but were resilient. Their roots ran deep, nourished them well, they could lose much and still regrow. They protected themselves with powerful chemicals circulating in their system.

Visiting Earth, when her approach was still possible, she was enchanted by them. Knowing that plants were welcome on Babylon, she took one with her. She liked its company. It gave her reasons to smile. Only later did she find out.

Those beautiful flowers were deemed a danger, environmental hazard, potential weapon. Their flexibility meant they could grow in many places. Once, their accidental release had upset a whole planet. She could never take her flower to Minbar.

She gave it to the departing Shadow. It thanked, told her gift was interesting and wonderful, promised to tend it well. In return, she received the object she was currently looking at. Chunk of stone, about the size of her palm, irregular texture of many colors. She had wondered about it for many evenings. Here she was, half asleep but staring at it again.

Ziirq had apologized for not having anything better. She had asked what this was. First time she asked, Ziirq hesitantly called it stone. Second time, Delenn thought she heard flower. Third time, its words evoked mixed feelings. As it spoke in her thoughts, no dictionary could help. Realizing the item was something confusing, she didn't ask more. Instead she thanked.

Wondering about the odd gift, she had often tried to recall. Sometimes, she suspected it meant life, change, information or memory. Sometimes she felt the precise meaning was growth, plant, machine. Sometimes however, the correct word seemed time, weapon or entropy.

Obviously for creatures who respected direction, believing purpose to exist only in movement and interaction, defining what something was could prove very difficult. She was unsure if it had tried to describe what this was... or what it could become?

She kept the stone in her quarters. When it got dusty, she washed it with water, seeing nothing unusual for an ordinary stone. She took a closer look with a microscope, but that didn't help either. Unable to figure it out, she consulted others.

Franklin told they might occur on Earth. Unfortunately, his geologist friend was currently inaccessible. Lennier compared it with databases, took a fragment for spectral analysis. He guessed it was a recrystallized mixture of silicon and metallic oxides. Common enough, but not from Minbar.

John wondered for quite a while, finally concluding it was her pet rock. In a way, he was correct. Preoccupied with its mystery, she used it for a hundred different functions, forgetting it everywhere, especially between books. He guessed it was her hobby. Spending time with that silly Human, she temporarily forgot her concern, but now it bothered her again.

She had developed the hope that perhaps, Lyta could help. However, she feared approaching Lyta. Mobilizing enough courage, she finally asked for help, warning about possible danger. Wondering why telepaths were needed to examine strange rocks, Lyta accepted the offer. If the stone contained anything, it was beyond her senses.

Was this Shadow humor? Their best disguise, or truly her pet rock? No strings attached, the kind you find anywhere? She was unsure which way to want it.
Re: My try: \"Gifts\"

What they said.

I enjoyed your other story, so it stood to reason that this one would follow suit. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: My try: \"Gifts\"

I like the idea of Delenn's pet rock /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif And her love of the flower is very evocative.

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